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Index of 8 Realms of Magic · 3:42am Apr 16th, 2021


Artworks by Doodle-Mark

Lune Star

Daughter of the retired and mightiest Valkyrie of the realms, Lune Hild, who desires to attain special destiny like her mother, who used to be the personal guard of the late queen of Sollothus.

Ratatoskr (Ratty)

Adoptive son of Lune Hild and older brother of Lune Star. He has a glutton for nuts and a loving heart for his little sister. His kind serves as messengers across the realms.

Princess Gull Dawn

Princess of Sollothus and daughter of the late queen of Sollothus . She will one day inherit her father’s role as the uniter of the 8 realms. She is viewed as fair, kind, and beautiful but holds a superiority complex.


A dwarven pony from Anidell. She opened a tavern at Nimbus with her father to interact with all sorts of creatures across the realm.

Aqua Coral

A pony from Eklaria that works as an aquarist at an Aquarium at Libra. The aquarium collects fish species across all the realms to display to all creatures that visit Libra. 

Storm Drift

A pegasus from Iphelon that ventures across the realm to seek adventure and excitement in life. 

Vivid Scoop

A pegasus from Nimbus that works as a journalist at Libra. She travels across the land and sometimes to other realms to search for the perfect images and stories to publish for the press. 

Frost Code

A unicorn from Ivitall that works as a researcher of runes. She moves to Libra to avoid the gov’t from her realm that desired to use her knowledge of runes to create a dangerous enchanted weapon that ran the risk of endangering the realms.

Red Aegis

A low-rank Valkyrie that aims to become a great Valkyrie like the retired Valkyrie, Lune Hild. Stationed at Libra, Red believed that she was doomed to never rise upon the ranks due to it being a peaceful town.


A unicorn from a faraway world who has been given the task to guide the bearers of the Cosmic Seed. Her eyes are fixed upon Lune Star, who she believes is pivotal to the fate of the Cosmos.

Sable Spirit

Mistmane’s best friend, who was also summoned from a faraway world. Her purpose is shrouded in mysteries but revolves around Lune Star.

Lune Hild

Mother of Lune Star and Ratatoskr. She is known across the realms as the mightiest Valkyrie.

Chipped Flint

A Sollothean guard and childhood friend of Lune Star.


Twin sister of Yori and a close friend of Lune Star. She regards herself as the most poised and mature between the twins.


Twin sister of Yuki and a close friend of Lune Star. She is regarded as the jolliest between the twins.

Concepts (Prone to Updates)

Cosmos Tree

A tree that is as big as the universe. It emerged at the beginning of existence and along with it came many realms that it would sustain and interconnect with its roots. 


Ancient text sourced from the sap of the Cosmos Tree. It is utilized by creatures who can comprehend its language to enchant and alter the world before them.

Cosmic Seeds

Seeds distilled from the purest essence of the 8 realms. Design to seal away the fiercest giant to ever exist, Sutr, who is prophesied to begin Ragnarok, the end of all things.



The home of the light elvens and their ruler, who has attained Alicornhood as proof as ruler of the realm of light. It is a realm of high aesthetics and admired as the leader among the eight realms.


A realm with the widest skies and tallest mountains among all. It placed in the center of the roots, making this realm the main hub between all others. The ruler of this realm stive for equality amongst creatures and is welcoming of species that others would find threatening or disgraceful.


A realm plagued with danger and exists alongside the Underworld. The natives of this realm are versed with deception and violence sparking constant chaos across the lands.


A realm full of numerous islands and a gigantic ocean ranging all across the regions. Many key settlements are underwater, secluded from the reach of other foreign creatures who are unable to breathe underwater without the aid of runes.


A realm clouded with endless lightning and regions that conduct them. The natives of this realm are known to be very competitive and play a wide array of sports to display their abilities. This realm collaborates with Nimbus to create world competition that includes the participation of all realms. The ruler of this realm is a zealot of competition and seeks for all creatures to expound the best of their capabilities. 


A region consisting of massive lands filled with mountains, caves, and underground paths. The natives of this realm excel at the forgery of tools utilizing unique rocks and ores from this realm and others. This realm has a close collaboration with Ivitall, which enchant their forged tool with runes. They are very traditional in their way of life in their profession and raise their young to follow the path set for them. The ruler seeks to preserve this tradition they have kept for centuries and shun those who seek to change it.


A realm consisting of arid deserts and molten canyons where Sutr lies sealed to prevent the coming of Ragnarok. The ruler of this realm is tasked with observing the seal to ensure no creature meddles with it and observes its status. The natives of this realm are very passionate about their emotions and very honest and upfront about them.


A realm filled with snowy and/or icy regions. Hidden under the snow are lost studies of runes that are constantly being excavated and researched by the natives. The natives of this realm are known to be cold, practicing a culture to hinder their emotions. The ruler of this realm seeks to unravel all the language of the runes for purposes the ruler does not disclose.


The realm of the giants that is rejected by all others. The region of this realm is filled with numerous wildlife and ecosystems. The entrances to this realm are guarded by Valkyries to prevent any giants from exiting and any creature from entering. However, some giants are known to be cunning and deceive or even overwhelm trained valkyries.

Comments ( 6 )

You drew these?

Oh no. I failed to credit the commissioned artist for the artwork. The artworks were commissioned by Doodle-Mark. I'll be sure to add that at the top of this blog.


WOW, their artwork is good. Thanks for introducing me to them! Just checked out their Twitter.

I really appreciate how you layed everything out. I am a writer myself. This gives me ideas for how too lay out my own world and characters for my own series of novels. :twilightsmile:


If you need any help (like an editor, proofreader, or someone to bounce concepts with) let me know.

Thanks thats kind of you. I will surely take you up on that. My first series im plotting and doing some drawing now. Or soon...diner and all that.

My aim for my books on this site is publish them so I appreciate it. Removing the ponys stuff...probably?

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