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  • Today
    I just spent two hours outside getting the pool cleaned

    I had to empty it

    Ants are biting me everywhere and I got to drive mom’s car

    Everything hurts and I think I have bad luck. But I think I’ve accepted that life hates me

    I’m doomed for failure

    Surrendering is the ultimate defeat

    But alas, it is what I must do

    I haven’t even started my schoolwork yet

    I want die

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  • Today
    I honestly think I’m gonna be numb to any kind of caffeine when I get older

    The classic RedBull tastes and looks like carbonated apple juice

    I love it

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  • Thursday
    Griff’s PSA (EqG)

    ”It isn’t very manly for a woman to have to cook for and clean after you. I’m Griff Adler, and I recommend this special technique to make you more manly!”

    Griff tugged Metamorphosis into view.

    ”Marry a man and have him cook and clean after you!”

    ”…Griffy, who are you talking to?”

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  • Wednesday
    Just had a conversation with my mom

    She’s gonna talk to my therapist to see if he can recommend a psychologist!

    This is a good thing.

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  • Wednesday
    If there’s one thing I hate about my mom

    It’s that she gets pissed when one thing goes wrong with my schedule. I was twenty minutes late to a class because I got the time wrong. And even though I participated and completed the assignment she still gets pissy with me and says I can’t be on my phone after school.

    She still fucking grills me about my math grade like it’s her fucking priority what I do.

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Game · 2:44pm April 15th

“Nnngh...what the...?”

Griff gasped softly as he saw his leg, which had been pierced by the sharp, metal teeth of a bear trap. Blood pooled around him each second passed; the fur on his leg had decayed just around the wound.


With his magic, he pried the trap open and hobbled off.

Funny; these were all placed in the forest on the outskirts of the school.

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Comments ( 14 )

Mijo!! Oh, mijo, are you hurt? Let me see

*shivers as he lifts his wounded leg*

*Touches hoof to it and heals it* it's okay mijo

*stumbles slightly* “Urgh...why’re they even placed everywhere...? It’s not hunting season.”

*Picks up* it's okay mijo. You want me to get you some night-vision goggles so you can see?

Alright mijo, come on, let's go buy some, you can pick out the color!

*following her, trying to watch his step*

*Picks him up and begins flying*

oh damn, I know that hurts like a bitch

It did. People are huntin’.

do they got rifles tho? if they do then you're fuck

*loads a hunting rifle* ima keep you as a trophy

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