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  • Wednesday
    Spring Time. - Eletric Boogaloo the birthday

    It's been 5 years since I'm here, and I always love to say I love Spring time, because it's the time is my birthday. I want to thank all my friends which support me even on my awful days and laughed with me in my best days. I loved all the stories I made over this year, and all the friends I have made. I thank you all for the good time I've had on this site.

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  • 2 weeks
    7th of September.

    Hello Everyone, I want to wish to everyone happy 7th of September. Independence of Brazil.

    When in 1822 was made by D. Peter the first looked at all the Portugueses and with all his might shouted prior the battle: INDEPENDENCE OR DEATH.

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  • 5 weeks
    It's almost over.

    Thank you guys for enjoying the fiction Anidate me Please. I really mean it guys. Because there was times I really wanted to give up on writing it. But after looking so many times that the ship I enjoy is really needing a few more fictions. I didn't give up, and receiving compliments from the guys, it made me continue writing it. And I think this fiction is just 2 or 3 chapters to finally finish

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  • 6 weeks

    Today, is something I wouldn't have noticed if wasn't for a follower who sent me a message. As I was reading I was chuckling on how long I created one of my first stories which I was so happy to write.

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  • 8 weeks
    Cover Art Andante Path of the dreams

    I'm glad many people started reading and enjoying my newest fiction and I want to talk you all for your support. I passed all the week drawing and painting this new cover art. I hope you all enjoy it the same way as I did writing.

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Well guys. · 6:39pm April 14th

Well, I have to confess, there is so much inspiration passing in my mind while I think about my fictions.

To be honest with you, I have college and I'm studying so much that I only find time to write something 1 hour per day, but that hour I tried to be the most productive as ever.

So that's why I want you to be honest with me.

I want to try to finish the fiction anidate me please, but if I calculate the rate of many chapters to make an epilogue, so I think it would take at least 5 or 6 chapters more. So I want to ask you if you are interested to read it all the fiction before I start doing the other project.

I made a Sequell of Sunset's plan to conquer Equestria, Spike is not amused... However It's a sequel of sequel, and I didn't started the Rainbow Rocks movie because I don't know the fails of Dazzlings plans and how it was stupid to Spike snarkly win them...
It will be more focused on one of the most terrible mistakes of Canterlot Hight, Anon-a-miss, and Spike will have somepony to be with him to make the things even more pressured... his own mother, the mother of Sunset Shimmer. I want to ask you if you are interested to read this before I plan the first Sequel about the dazzlings... Or if someone give me the details on how awful their plan was to make sure to help me to take care of this issue...

Stuck with you I'm planning to write more later, because I want it to be perfect, so I'm thinking to ask a request of someone making a new cover art for this fiction... Because I'm studying so much that, I don't have time to draw more for a while.

The queen's avatar... yeah, I want to write more, but I'm just thinking about 2 lines per day, because It's a bit difficult to try to recover some mistakes I did before. So it will take a while for a new chapter...

If you want an update of another fiction, please comment this section.

Until there peace out, and sorry for not achieving your expectations.

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It’s alright man. Take all the time you need

Take the time you need. It's better than you attend to your own needs first.

I know it's been a busy year man so try to take your time man whatever it takes

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