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  • Today
    Okay so like

    I just got back from a jog and holy shit my fucking cankles

    But I digress

    I’m gonna try and make Discord my home site since I have more friends on there- fimfic hasn’t really caused me anything more than stress and anxiety, as well as there being pretty much nothing to get me outta my year long funk.

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  • Today

    The Reaper Nurse from Dark Deception is played by Tara Strong


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  • Monday
    Made a new friend today

    His name’s Clinton and he’s pretty cool actually. We played GTA together and made a ton of gay jokes lol. Now we’re obligating ourselves to make barrel jokes in every class we’re in.

    He helped me knock a ton of missions out and now we’re doing the Diamond Casino heist tomorrow. So that’s cool too. Hopefully I can make another tomorrow.

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  • Monday
    I just came back from my second jog

    Holy shit my calves

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  • Monday
    I just jogged my first mile

    Note to self: Bring your fucking asthma pump next time ya big dumb dumb

    Like holy shit my eyes are watering

    It’s literally so cold that the grass is starting to frost over and I was hella mouth breathing the whole way because my fatass was dying—

    I’m alive though so

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Fauna · 2:47pm April 13th

Griff wiped his eyes as he reared his head; the bush he’d buried his pate in while he wept that night was stained with dried tears. “...surprising.”

Sighing, he stumbled off his haunches and onto his hooves.



He stumbled right back onto his flank, one un-shed tear falling from his eye. Maybe that one impact clunked it out prematurely. 

“I didn’t even lift my head that far…”

He pulled his head from the twisted, tangled branches. At this point, he realized that his horn fell off. Again. 


Blood stained the curled locks of his coffee colored mane, but only from two specific sides of his head. The scarlet dripped rapidly onto his bottom lip, which didn’t surprise him. Although, it did make him nervous…


The moment he touched the sides of his head, he realized that there was something else there. 

Deer antlers.

And he didn’t remember purchasing anything from the party store...or going to a party...or going out…

“Wait, why am I even in this forest?” 

He got his answer when a chipmunk scurried down the reddened tree bark, pulling a few acorns out of its mouth and holding them out to Griff. He gagged at the sight of the slimy things, wings flapping out in shock.

The chipmunk used his tail to clean them off before him. 


To be friendly, he took the acorns with a small smile, cracking them open and enjoying the contents. “What’re you doing all the way out here, lil’ guy?” Holding out his hoof he allowed the small creature to skitter onto his leg.

It chittered happily, rubbing up against him. 

Ch ch ch ch ch…


Griff turned his head, and suddenly a group of at least fifty animals were gathered behind him. Some timberwolves, some jackalopes, some rabbits, and some deer.

“What the—hey!!” He cried out as they picked him up, carrying him and throwing him into the creek. “What the heck?!”

The blood from his head suddenly dissipated and pooled around in the water, his horns glistening with the smooth, umber brown of their barky texture. 

A lone fawn, speckled white as snow, trotted out from the bushes with a bar of soap and a fresh cloth.

“...are you guys trying to say I stink?” He snickered. 

The animals just crowded around him as he took the cloth in his new, cream white aura. His horns glowed in sync, too.

“Heh, you guys probably know I like showers…”

A grizzly bear took a few sips of creek water and reared up, as if offering to spit it on him and provide a “shower”.

“No no!!! That’s okay! Just...c-can I at least have some privacy…?”

The animals all nodded and dispersed. 

Griff sighed in relief. 

This was kind of like a haven...that of positive attention. 

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Comments ( 20 )

Aw, mijo...*hugs* you don't need animals to get positive attention from me!

*touching up at his horns* “Careful...I-I don’t know how fragile they are yet...”

It's okay mijo *hugs*

”I just realized that they’re going to have to shed every now and then...”

Mhm. Deer antlers shed every winter, and every time they do they grow in with even bigger and more prongs

”Mm!” *nods slightly, still scrubbing the blood off his antlers*

*Gently wipes the blood off with a wet cloth*

Aww, come on, you want to find somewhere to sleep?

*rubbing his nose* “M-Mhm...”

*Picks him up and carries him off* I bet there's a nice shady place to set you down somewhere around here...

*tries to shake the water off him*

*Conjures towel and dries him off*

”Bleh!” *shakes violently, the water speckling all over her*

*Giggles and pats his head gently*

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