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54 words and counting · 8:45am Apr 11th, 2021

The first meandering steps of a decisive undertaking. After months of being unable to do much but spend an hour here or there adding little lore bits or story possibilities, I've started the first draft. The outline isn't totally fleshed out, but there's only so much planning I can do without feeling out the story. I don't have a title or ideas for cover art, but this feels bizarre. I have no idea how many words are going to come out of my head in the next three or so months, but every detail, each nuance of the characters on the page will come from my head and create an adventure. There's something awestriking about that.

Although as I mentioned, I haven't had proper time to do much writing beyond a couple of prompt exercises. Some of them were decent, but overall this semester has taken a toll on me. Time seems harder to come by with each sunrise, and the freedom of college life grows shorter with each sunset. Due to this, I was unable to submit a piece to the Sunflower contest which wrapped up today, which I had hoped to contribute to. I just didn't feel confident with my writing and how I crafted the story and didn't have the time to get it to the quality I needed to post / submit. This standard is part of what scares me about attempting to write a long piece, but it's also exhilarating.

I also want to take some time to thank everyone who has read my latest story a big old thank you. It felt like my best work to date, and the positive comments and feedback were all overwhelming. I wanted to post smaller stories somewhat regularly, and perhaps in the coming weeks I will revise one of my prompt exercises to showcase on the site, but I want to put my whole energy in terms of writing into the Luster Dawn and Flurry Heart piece. Although it would be a drought in my posting, I want to hit that same quality in a grand story. We'll see how that turns out and if I'm up for the challenge.

Perhaps I'll post some previews or story updates if peeps are interested, so do let me know. For now, I have to try and get some amount of sleep to function tomorrow. Catch you on the Flipside.

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