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I love writing both Original Fanfictions and Movie Xovers[Meaning I write the movie plot with MLP characters] I also love all forms of feedback

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NEWS!!!!!! · 5:57am Apr 8th, 2021

Okay so here is the deal. After My Name is Ash, The Shadow of Equestria, and Kung-Fu Equestria 3 is complete my proofreader Three Tails will be leaving me. so I will be in need of a new proofreader, I'm looking for someone who can fix my awful grammar and make my writing go from a 1 to a solid 20

My garbage version

Eric kicked the Pegasus down to the ground for the fiftieth time which caused Rainbow to grow furious at the Shadow Man, in anger Rainbow launched a massive fireball Eric. In turn Eric absorbed the attack by separating himself from the pegasus with a wall of shadow

"Sorry Dash, but you're not ready" Eric said turning to leave the training area.

"Wait!" Rainbow said flying in front of the Shadow Man blocking his path. "You're training us to stop a war, but all you're doing is knocking me on my flank" the Pegasus argued to Eric

"You keep losing control of your Anger" Eric chastised the Pegasus as he pushed past her. "That is why you can't win"

"So what? Everypony gets angry" Argued the Pegasus as she blocked Eric's path a second time. "You've been angry before, I guarantee it"

"Anger..can be a weapon, Dash" Eric said raising his voice as he approached the pegasus causing her to back up. "If..you can control it...use it...and you Rainbow" The Shadow Man moved the pegasus out of his way. "Clearly cannot"

Anger welled within Rainbow as she watched Eric walk away, forming a fireball the pegasus hurled it at Eric. Eric turned and backhanded the projectile into a couple of the training dummies with a Haki covered arm.

"Your Anger...you can get lost in it" Eric warned the Pegasus with a glare. "The war ahead is difficult and you are clearly not ready" The Shadow Man said leaving the Pegasus behind

Three Tails version

Eric kicked the Pegasus down to the ground for the fiftieth time. With a roar of anger, Rainbow launched a massive fireball. Eric summoned a wall of shadow that absorbed the fireball and left Rainbow Dash staring at shadows.

"Sorry Dash," Eric said. "But you're not ready." The shadows faded to show him walking away.

"Wait!" Rainbow said flying in front of the Shadow Man blocking his path. "You said you were training us to stop a war. But all you've done is knock me on my flank!"

"You keep losing control of your anger," Eric replied, pushing past the Pegasus. "That's why you can't win."

"So what? Everypony gets angry!" she argued, flying in front of him again. "Don't tell me you've never gotten angry before!"

"Anger," Eric growled, his voice raising and causing her to back up. "Can be a weapon. But only if you can control it. And you, Rainbow Dash?" He once again moved her out of the way. "You clearly cannot."

Rainbow Dash seethed at his words. His retreating back. A fireball formed in her hand. With a bark of frustration, she threw the fireball at Eric. Eric spun and back-handed the projectile into a couple training dummies, his fist covered in Haki. His glare wasn't angry; it was merely assured, like she had proven his point.

"The war ahead is going to be difficult," he said. "And if you can't stop yourself from getting lost in your anger, then you have no business being on the battlefield."

With those final words, the Shadow Man left the pegasus behind.

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