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    The Deathslinger!

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Oni Reveal Art · 8:45pm April 7th

And with the final chapter of Act I (not counting the epilogue) the Oni is revealed. I'm sure y'all have guessed the truth but here she is.

As always the artwork is done by the wonderful and talented Irina, so go ahead and show her some love!



Report I-A-M · 147 views · Story: Dead by Midnight · #New Art #The Oni #Act I End
Comments ( 3 )

That'll teach her to stay away from ghost peppers.

Due to my delays in getting to the chapter, I saw your post here, with the image, before the reveal, but fortunately that seems to have been just the right amount to manifest as hype rather than spoilers. Or something. Sorry, as I said in my comment on the chapter, presently rather tired and quite short on time. :D

Anyway, nice art; thanks. :)

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