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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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  • Wednesday
    Preston Garvey In Equestria

    "Twilight, another settlement has a friendship problem. It needs your help."

    Would Twilight fall in love with Preston Garvey with or hate him? How would the ponies react to this man who's obsessed with settlements? Would Princess Celestia fall in love with him?

    I feel like it needs to be a story.

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  • Tuesday
    OP Ponies holding back?

    I get it, there are stories where ponies are absolute jerks with insane magical power. Who abuse it over puny humans. But what do you think of ponies holding back and being actually gentle? They have the ability to easily wipe out humanity, but they simply don't do it because they actually have compassion and empathy.

    Would overpowered ponies become more acceptable then?

    12 comments · 79 views
  • Monday
    Chapter 2 Released

    I just released a chapter for Pinkie Pie Friendship Unit. A fairly big one. At least 4200 words long.

    I hope you enjoy it.

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  • Saturday
    Pinkie Pie Friendship Unit

    I am thinking about making a potential light-hearted post-apocalyptic story. I will actually put effort into it. (at least as much I can) Let me know what you think of the premise.


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  • 1 week
    Survival strategies

    What would be some good survival strategies as a human in Equestria?

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I think I owe you my followers an apology · 8:40am April 7th

I am sorry everyone. I feel quite guilty, I had been quite political recently. I think many of you come here for escape from that sort of thing. Not to hear me talk about muh freedom of speech, and blah blah blah. I'll try stick to entertainment and ponies. I don't want to become the Bendyquartering.

I think I lost some followers due to my crazy rants.

Report Bendy · 163 views · #sorry
Comments ( 16 )

Your good.

I always enjoy a good banter about muh freedom of speech.

But, if you feel uncomfortable, by all means do whatever makes you feel better.

Yeah. But I don't want to sound like a freedom loving libertarian, which I think I am to some degree. I'm not sure totally.

I am not William Wallace. Just a nerd with a keyboard.


Thanks. At least I didn't annoy you.

It’s cool and shiz.

Thanks for sticking with me.

It's all good. Crazy that free speech is a controversial topic.

Yeah. It's the people who say I believe in free speech but... guys.

Look, I'm all in favor of free speech, buuut...no one should be allowed to say anything I might disagree with in a place where I could possibly see or hear it, or else they're violating the NAP since they're attacking me with words (which are weapons) and I am therefore morally justified in organizing a mob to burn down your home and place of business.

Jesus Christ I was trying to do a comedic hot-take parody and at the end I realized this is actually happening. Is there even any room for parody to occupy now?

Bendy #9 · April 7th · · ·

No, not really. Parody is reality now.

You're good Bendy. I'm glad you owned up to your mistakes (not saying anything bad though or if did anything bad to begin with). You know, it takes a real man to do that, right? But, don't let it get you down neither. You have a right to express yourself amongst friends. Anywho, MLP:Fiction is about, as you put it, 'escape' from the boring throes of everyday life. And, from what I witnessed, you do a great job in providing that to people. I hope you have a great day Bendy.

Nah man, it's good. You good.

You're cool Bendy. I mean you're crazy and you seriously need to write a Sparity story but you're cool~


Jesus Christ I was trying to do a comedic hot-take parody and at the end I realized this is actually happening. Is there even any room for parody to occupy now?

I've said this before, but reality doesn't care about your suspension of disbelief and will therefore always be crazier than any story worth telling.

I suspect the controversy comes from disagreeing as to where the fine line between 'free speech', and 'baseless bigotry' begins.

You get different answers depending on who you ask. It's unpleasantly messy.

I want to go back to the '80s again.
Indeed. It feels like it should be a self-evident definition, for me at least; apologies if this comes off as preachy, it's not directed at you. If no one objected to something being said, it wouldn't need the protection of the 1st Amendment; therefore the purpose of the 1st Amendment is to protect speech that others would object to. Except for the SCOTUS ruling that calls for imminent violence are not protected, which I feel is reasonable, it's all or nothing.

Most of the other reasonable people only want to chop off the "imminent" from that. Unfortunately, crazy people are always louder.

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