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Guess whose baaaaack? · 12:08am Dec 2nd, 2012

Let's see... hurricane survived? Check.

New foot of drywall replaced + other damage repaired? Check.

Computer fixed from the BS of life? Check.

School caught up to the point where I can breathe? Check.

Slice of Life chapter in the final stages for quick publish? Check?

New comedy story revealed today? Double-check.

Trixie-wonderful-esque episode released?

So without say, everything is going better in my life. I am finally back in the swing of writing, all thanks to a fic about writers- I mean... musician's block. Yes.

As you all know, I was suffering from a bit of writer's block a little while back. The part where I just couldn't move forward with anything I did. So I asked myself: what would be therapeutic?

Writing about it. Place it from the perspective of two favorite musicians. Mix in the humor and comedy I seem to be good at. Then serve it, shaken, not stirred. Brace yourself, ponies. Its gonna be one wild ride.

Check it out here:


I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

(PS. Finishing newest part of Slice of Life. Accept this as a "Don't kill me offering".

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I accept your offering. You shall be spared.

Good to hear! The new fic looks good, and it looks even better because there's more on the way!

Whoo! Glad to hear you're doing good! :pinkiehappy:

Silly Scrolly! If we kill you we don't get any more Slice Of Life :pinkiesmile:

Guess whose back?

Uhh... Your back?

... quick publish?

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