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I think I'm gonna revamp my museum website when i have the time. · 4:47am April 6th

https://museum.themajortechie.com right now is trying to be a general technology museum for computer chips, but holy heck is it annoying to maintain right now. I've been thinking of writing a static site generator program in java, but given how the current purpose of the website is basically to recreate the functionality of much bigger (and probably better-maintained) sites such as www.cpushack.com and www.cpu-world.com (the main two sources of inspiration for the site as it currently is), I think I'm instead going to make the museum just a general "personal curios" sort of museum.


  • because cpushack and cpu-world do a much better job than I ever could at being actual museums
  • there's more stuff I want to show off than just computer chips
  • because making it a casual personal collection museum lets me be less detailed with my explanations and just post links to other sites instead while giving a short 1-2 line description
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