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    I just remembered this one time I sang a duet with my mom and now I am extremely uncomfortable

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  • Today

    I thought it would be cool to hear my cousin humming Lil Darkie but it’s actually super awkward

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  • Sunday
    I got locs in my hair now

    *intense hair flipping*

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  • Sunday

    What if all umbrums are just

    Large as fuck

    Just some big ass muscle bears

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  • Saturday
    All is Sunny on Taner’s Turf

    “Archer! Have you been practicing your form?”

    “No, ma, I’m not finished reading yet!”

    The yellow-haired boy scrambled down the stairs of their humble bungalow, said book clutched in his arms. His toe was abruptly caught on a loose floorboard.



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Unstable · 10:22pm April 5th

“...you’ve locked Griff in a room, why?” Dragon pondered to his Uncle Oculus. 

“He’s...in a fragile state, emotionally.”

“Let me out!!!” 

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The door almost broke open when Griff pounded his head against it, horn cracking more and more with each impact. Oculus erupted into purple ectoplasm before floating over in his ghost form.


Griff leaned back, stumbling on his hooves from all the blunt force trauma. And when he cocked his head back slightly, Oculus caught a glimpse of those eyes…

Those crazy, crazy eyes.

“You...you left me in here…”

“Nonono, Griff, let’s calm down…” Oculus couldn’t keep talking as his mouth soon fell agape at the sight of Griff’s horn…

His melting horn. 

It was charging up a blast that made his wax like flesh bubble up and pop. It made him gag. 

His flesh bulked up and he soon grew a little taller, his eyes changing. Well, one of them. Now he had one blue eye and one brown.

“Wait...they did the same thing when I—”


Griff bellowed as his horn exploded, a gargantuan flow of hot magic expanding largely and knocking out the entire apartment wall in the impact.

Oculus was gone.

Griff growled as his flesh bubbled up some more, chain blades sprouting from his body and lifting him off his hooves.

“...I’m getting outta here…”

With that, they reared up like spider legs, launching him out of the building.

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Jeez, what happened to him?

He’s going through the six phases, because I decided to make him overpowered. Basically, since he technically created the gang (Pelt, Oc, Firefang, Hikari, Umbra, Passion), he has all their powers.

He’s unlocked Pelt (universe halo thing), Oc (Quantum shit) and Hikari so far.

damn...what caused all of that?


Yep. Don’t disown him as your brother yet. He has a lot of weak points. Obvious ones.

Oculus crawls up, his chitin cracked and most of his body bleeding. ”W-We...don’t...k-know...”

Oh they just have a certain experience with “OP” OCs.

*helps him up* you're going to be alright, Jesus my boy went full SCP on you guys did he?

at this point, all of this will probably get the foundation's attention *takes out mid kit* alright, uh...where are you hurt?


*takes out Morphine* this will numb the pain, I haven't seen shit this bad since the war *injects it into him* tho warning this shit is highly addictive


”Ah, young one. You should know by now that I don’t listen to rationality. Keep going.”


What’s Hikari doing?

W-What's going on?

*takes out bandages* where are you bleeding the most? your body is pumping a lot of blood which if you are bleeding then it is most likely you will die from blood loss (its actually a fact)


He looks around. ”...but she’s not here...”


”It’s him. He rationalizes with himself in different perspectives and filters them into different voices so he doesn’t confuse himself.”

Okay, that’s just weird.

He gestures to the rest of his body.

”Eh, it helps me see from all perspectives. You see how easily I get confused.”

*starts wrapping gauze on the wounds* how about your chitin?

Should I call an exorcist?

”They’re just thoughts, honestly...but I don’t know what to do next.”

”Well, let’s think. You’re hungry right now, and you’ve been craving McDonald’s. Soooo...”

”Oh right!”

”No no...we got this...nngh...”

should I...should I push it back in?

Um.. okay? *leaves cross and Bible* have fun.

alright, well *walks towards vinyl record player and plays "we'll meet again"* I'm just playing it to drown out the pain that I'm going to cause you *takes belt off* chew on this, the morphine won't block out the pain that's going to happen so wants I push it back in expect it to hurt like a motherfucker. you ready?

”C’mon, let’s go. I’m hungry, and I want my chicken nuggies.”

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