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Karma · 1:05am April 4th

Griff passed through the crystal blue wall of cascading water, his yellow swimming trunks shining vibrantly. He watched his friends play together in the water with a smile on his face. 

“Heheh, hey guys!”


Suddenly, they all shrieked and jumped out onto shore. Griff gazed at the four with a canted brow, not understanding the situation. “...guys?”

Reality warped. The alicorn felt like his vision was blurring, swirling and mixing into a multicolored frenzy.

Suddenly, he was in the middle of a hallway, dry as ever, but...uncovered. 

His friends were there, still shrieking. 

And by then, he realized that he was completely undressed. “Woah! G-Guys, don’t look!!!” as he scrambled to cover what was uncovered, his friends’ shocked faces morphed into sneering grins.

They were laughing at him, now. 

And his old friends, from third grade? 

...and he thought he was popular.

“G-Guys stop it! D-Don’t laugh at me, please!!! I-I...I-I…” he stared at the marbled floor with tears in his eyes, and as they hit the ground, water started to pool in and cover up the cruddy floor.

“...wait a damn minute, I’m homeschooled.”



Shouting, in pain. All of them, shrieking as their flesh peeled away and their dry bodies sunk to the ground, swimming in water.

Griff shrieked as he watched the sullen blue liquid be swallowed up by a dark, inky substance.

It searched around and around in circles, blotting up the blue and eventually filling up the whole atmosphere.

Griff was surrounded with black. Everywhere. An empty void.


His trunks. His yellow trunks, they were back now. A rose colored shield and sword appeared in his hooves with a pink pop! 

Confusedly, he looked up.

The pale, blue figure. Swollen cerulean veins running up their neck to their gaunt face. Something anthropomorphic; their body the most twisted, veiny thing he had ever seen. With their wide, open mouth and empty, soulless eyes. Emptily, emptily blue…

“...what do you want from me…?”

It didn’t answer. 

No sound.

No movement.


You hear me, you freak?!” He shouted like he had never shouted before. He could feel the tears welling up in his eyes as his grip was shaky on the large sword. “WHAT DO YOU WANT?!

Griff gasped as he felt a piercing sensation through his abdomen. 


The nimble bits of flesh, cold, and watery, pulsing against his open wound. He felt his intestines split apart as it spread its fingers wide, opening his stomach further.

It cocked its head to the side, watching him gasp for air.

The clattering against the bottomless void, echoing through nothingness as he dropped his sword and shield.

And he felt himself,

Bit by bit,

Wither away.

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I wanted to make a Mr. Stark joke at the end, but...

Dang... that’s just brutal.



Yeah. It’s this thing I’ve seen in a nightmare I’ve had before...same scenario keeps repeating. Demon haunts our house, we have a set amount of time to get out of there. The three of us and our dog, basically.

Another scenario, a demon is in my house and I have to run from it through the forest for some reason. But whenever I get a decent distance, my feet get some kind of fatigue, and I can’t run that much farther, and it’s like I get bogged down before I can get far enough.

Either it gets me, or I wake up.

The same repeating shit. It happens after a good dream, always. I think it’s gonna be alright, and then I become aware, and then this happens.

Griff slowly gets up from his bed, scratching his stomach. ”...it’s...it’s just karma...”

That’s just terrible.

And suddenly I start to forget about everything I just thought of a few milliseconds ago.

It...hurts, honestly.

”I do something shitty, I get treated like shit in return. It’s how the cookie crumbles. Or, gets torn apart...”


The room begins to slowly fill with water. Griff shrieks, clinging to the bed.

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