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  • Today
    I’m freaking the fuck out right now

    I came so close to touching shower hair and now I’m having a mental breakdown about bacteria and how I could die if it made it’s way into my system and now my skin is crawling and I’m about to throw up

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  • Today
    Right, well

    I was playing GTA V, getting some cargo and shit. Finally cleared the area of the annoying ass Merryweather guards after dying maybe ten fucking times trying to kill them all. On my second cargo crate this team of three people destroy my fucking rocket bike, steal my shit after killing me, proceed to destroy it three more times when I try and steal my shit back, and

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  • Saturday
    I’m literally the most spoiled brat ever

    Y’know, I remember over-exaggerating some of my mom’s punishments for me on this site. I had some of you under the guise that she was cruel or some shit, but I’m actually really lucky to have her considering the fact that she spoils the hell outta me. And I mean, she did it because I had good grades and did good in school, which I still do!

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  • Saturday
    Just finished “The Mysterious House”.

    I mean, it’s a great way to stop kids from wandering from their parents. Just show them that shit and they’ll never go Trick or Treating ever again.

    The plot revolves around two friends- Ducky and this purple wolf character (I forgot her name, so I’ll just call her Sophie because it’s a nice name) going Trick or Treating on Halloween.

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  • Saturday
    I just finished watching “Boozoo’s Ghosts”

    Time to go cry ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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A Meme · 2:31am April 3rd

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Haha Sister Location go bzzzzt

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Let’s fix that with a controlled shock!

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