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I made the Nightmare Fuel Version of Evil Human EQG Sunset Shimmer · 4:00am April 1st

Because NO ONE ELSE makes a EQG Universe native Sunset Shimmer that isn't dead and/or murdered.

She took over the Chesuncook Witch Coven, calling herself Empress and is plotting to rule the world an create a paradise of nature and flesh by bringing Shub-Niggurath to our world.

The Chesuncook Witch Coven, or the Cult of the Skull, is a cult-like coven of witches and warlocks who worships one of the Outer Gods known as Shub-Niggurath, and they are one of the many antagonistic groups featured in the Cthulhu Mythos genre by the late legendary author H.P. Lovecraft.

They hold their ceremonies in the deep woods near the fictional location of Chesuncook within Maine, U.S.A.

They are a very secretive society and they will not allow just any outsiders to join them, only those who are willingly to give up their freedoms and lives to be part of this coven.

The cult practiced dark magic and praised ShubNiggurath's name.

Their rites and ceremonies supposedly include entering a subterranean cavern and descending 6,000 steps to a pit filled with hungry Shoggoths.

She is, naked, covered constantly in blood, can fly, telekinesis, can control and mutate all flesh and plant matter that she can see, can read minds, control minds, can create shields, shoot plasma streams from all of her finger tips, can control her reproductive system completely and can impregnate herself and give birth to and endless myriad of horrors from the relatively humanoid looking, to the most bizarre mind-bending insanity, and also change her flesh to whatever she fell she needs.

She is a cannibal that bathes and drinks male human blood, and can either have her subordinates cook it and prepare the human flesh for her or just eat a fresh raw kill on the spot, she can easily rip a humans arm of and start munching on it like it was cotton candy.

She can also broadcast mass post hypnotic suggestion through, radio, tv signals, and the internet.

She is the villain of an insane story that plenty of people would feel is over the top and insane, and also bad.

While I have not forgotten my other projects there is another story I am working on. In this story the youth of Canterlot City are being brainwashed subtly as part of a Magical Gaslighting Plot to get Sunset Shimmer to commit suicide done by her Equestria Girls Universe counterpart that happens to be a sadistic adult.

Basically I let Anon-a-Miss happen and let things escalate to levels that can only be deemed insanity and create a Teenage Wasteland comparable to the one seen in "The Warriors".

I was going to die, horribly, and slowly. But as I was going to be besieged by the insane mob of Canterlot High boys that had cornered me to the statue in the front of the school in a snowy night. They had cut me with farming and gardening implements, causing no end of bleeding shallow cuts, and also caused my jacket and blouse to be in taters. Then he showed up.

He wasn't a kind savior, he slaughtered all of them, and his black formal clothing gave a menacing aura around him, his bright amber eyes were of rage but at the same time oddly enough, pain.

He then spoke to me, and told me the truth.

"You are the unluckiest lass the world right now, and that is no accident. I know who did it, the Witch needed you out of her way and wanted the most subtle but insidious way to take you out of the picture. I don't know where she is, but your blood is the key to finding her. It shouldn't be a surprise really, considering she is you after all."

That was the night where it all changed, the night that my counterpart in that world mas made known to me, and just how evil the human me had become.

About Malignancy, I have only recently finished the story outline and am working on the dialogue for the first chapter. The first chapter alone is a traumatizing rescue and an escape of Canterlot City. The rest of the story is a cross-country Odyssey from weird Appalachian Cthulhu Cult hideouts, to Neo-Nazi Gunrunners, to Native American Skin-walkers and Wendigoes. Not to mention a UFO, and the goddamn Mothman. The ending takes place in a town conquered by witches that can travel through various worlds, universe, and dimensions that worship Shub-Niggurath and give birth to mutated abominations that make the Flood Pure Forms from Halo 3 seem less unsettling in comparison. To make it worse the Witches are being lead now by the Equestria Girls Universe original Sunset Shimmer who is a 30 year old naked cannibal that bathes in the blood of men.


I haven't written it because my life and myself are a complete mess, and I have a two others stories I want to write. And I have an Original Novel that I am trying to finish and shove down Amazon's throat.

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Sounds pretty awesome!

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