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Skyla S.H. Sabre · 6:39am Mar 31st, 2021

“♫ I am the Monarch of the seaaaaaaaa!

The ruler of the Moon’s Navyyyyy!

Whose praise the Princess loudly chants!



“...Oi mum??”

“Ah fuckin’ told ye like four times tae finish yer fuckin’ homework! Would ye rather get intae the fuckin’ Naval Academy rather than playin’ dress-up?!”

“Oh I heard you mum... but your words tend tae be forgettable when they blow away with a gale force on the open sea...”

“...Pardon the fuck outta me, ya little minge?!”


Art by the ever awesome G-Hyze

Report Flammenwerfer · 1,011 views · Story: My Best Friend, Stella ·
Comments ( 16 )

Heh, nice!

Lol "Pardon the fuck outta me?" Was so god damn funny

“...Pardon the fuck outta me, ya little minge?!”
:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: that's DEFINITELY something Stella would say

Years earlier at a Luna Guard barracks...

"♫I am the very model of a Martial-Mare Equestrian,
Tough as fucking nails and a marefriend of an alien.
I've studied subjects broadly through 'pearlescent' fuckin' literature,
And Stealing Freddie's phone so he can get the picture, eh?♫"

"Oi what are you cunts lookin' at get back ta work!"

Just fix er’ some o’ dis food, see if she can take th’ Royal Navy rations.

For the love of all the gods! Do a story like that!

Oh FUCK the Hell, YES!


All my yes! I wouldn't say no to a story or two about Skyla's childhood though. Imagine Highground turns out to be the bad influence Aunt. :trollestia:

Notice the close up on Skyla's face is right after the "Pardon the fuck outta me, ya little minge" line. That is the face of no regrets, like at all.

Lovely artwork. I think you've got a little background there for the odd short boat story. 😀

You're your mother's daughter, all right, Skyla...

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