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  • 134 weeks
    Quick Update

    Still here, Have not disappeared.
    Work progresses on next chapter of Shades of Twilight, putting it around 40% pre-edit due to some work related issues. Don’t have an exact date but am going to have it up with new decisions and choices.

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  • 138 weeks
    The Equestrian Codex *Spoiler Alert*

    The Equestrian Codex: Uncensored
    Published for the Institute of Species Research
    Initial biological study by Professor Mordin Solus
    Supplemental materials provided by Dr. Two For Tea, Equestrian Anthropologist

    Primary Codex

    Aliens: Non-Council Races: Equestrians

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  • 138 weeks
    And getting back to it

    The Conclusion of the Shades of Twilight 'Crisis Arc' has been re-posted in it's revised version as a collaborative effort, with several major changes to the narrative and improvements to lead into future chapters. New Bonus Chapter will be posted this weekend (as it is already written) on the evening of 4-16-21 to shoot for the feature page over the weekend. Please do comment and respond to the

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  • 140 weeks
    The Lazarus Project.... MARK II

    The Lazarus Project has been a success...
    It is time...
    Time to finish what was once begun...
    Time to begin overusing ellipses once more...
    Time... to... PONY UP!!

    Loyal2Luna and her amazing Editor: 2dExtreem are back into the fray!


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  • 325 weeks
    An Ending

    Before you get your hopes up, no, this is not the real Loyal. This is her editor, co-author, and friend, 2dextreem. I'm sorry to say I don't think Loyal is ever logging back in of her own accord.

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The Lazarus Project.... MARK II · 12:48am Mar 31st, 2021

The Lazarus Project has been a success...
It is time...
Time to finish what was once begun...
Time to begin overusing ellipses once more...
Time... to... PONY UP!!

Loyal2Luna and her amazing Editor: 2dExtreem are back into the fray!

Mass Effect: Shades of Twilight

**SUMMER 2021**
Doctor Whooves - The Series : Episode Four - Only Skin Deep
Doctor Whooves - The Series: Episode Five - Ever Onward
Sly Cooper in : Stealing Harmony



Sorry for the wait, but now let's get back to it.

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Comments ( 58 )

You're back! Took a break from the fandom for a bit? Welcome back, I'm really looking forward to seeing your writing again, they were a pleasure.
If you don't mind me asking, what brought you back?

Hello old friend.

Already overpromising, I see... Don't worry, I'll be the responsible First Mate keeping this ship on track.

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii! :pinkiehappy:

(I can't think of anything that better expresses my feelings about seeing you again.)

Whelp Time to re-read I guess :twilightsmile:

Wanderer D

Hey! Long time! Good to see you!

This is the most joyous of days:pinkiehappy:

They’re BACK!


And now I'll have to re-read all the old stories to get caught back up. Gonna be a great week! Welcome back, my dude. Hope things are well!

holy shit yes, I was just thinking about your fics a few days ago!

It's great to see you back, and I'm excited to dive into your worlds once again!

Welcome back!

I cannot say I expected this... but wow, welcome back!

Of all the people to ever come back to this fandom and continue their work, you were one I expected least of all. But you are certainly most welcome! Welcome back, and I look forward to seeing what you've got in store for us! :pinkiehappy:

Always heartwarming to see somepony alive and well after a long silence.

Holy shit! I had just taken a look at your profile last week to confirm "Yup, still missing." and now this happens. This is amazing!

Wow, was not expecting this. Your Mass Effect stories were one of the first ones I read and favorited on this site, really a big part of what got me interested in this fandom to begin with looking back. Was pretty high on my list of fics I didn't think I'd see continued, but still hoped would be someday.

I suppose the imminent remaster plus teased sequel gave some motivation?

By the names of all that's holy please don't let this be an early April's Fools, that'd be beyond cruel :fluttershyouch:

I had given up hope of the mass effect fic every receiving a full ending. I’m so happy.

Now heres hoping mass effect 3 can have an actual worthwhile ending rather than the subpar one we got from the actual game.

L2L, it's a pleasure to see you again. You're a good pony, one of the best there ever was. I hope you've been well out there. And I hope when you come and bring your pen back to to the page here, you bring that big wonderful heart of yours too.

You remain Equestria's best hope.


One of my intentions is to quite literally fix that ending and the Reaper's motivation... back to what it was ACTUALLY intended and foreshadowed to be.

The Return! As Foretold by the Stars!

No joke, we are back at it. Hope to have a ... 'redone' version of 'A New Dawn' (the current conclusion to Shades of Twilight) up shortly. While I do appreciate 2d's attempt to give some sense of ending with the skeleton that was provided when I left, it could use a little sprucing up and less finality. It was far from finished when I left.
Actually, I have been so out of the loop on geek culture that I didn't even know they were MAKING a remaster until like this past week. Won't bore everypony with details, but I was safe and healthy, however, I have had very little freetime over the last four and half years or so... and those of you who live in America may have some idea of why. In any case, the cause of my suffering has passed so I have been able to actually breath and experience something other than existential dread and horror and enjoy life again.

Twilight: "Oh cud... Doctor... this period of our history is rather embarrassing... please let's leave."
Doctor: "Quite right." *Shuts the door and vanishes*

*lets 2d steer the ship while the half drunk captain dances out on the figurehead and repeatedly falls into the sea*

The bane of my existence, cause of my nightmares that made me completely unable to feel joy or creativity and demanded I volunteer and give up all of my free time to combat in my state has been excised like a cancer moved to a sunny place that is likely to soon be underwater and is now irrelevant. That is all I shall say.

Frabjous Day, Callou Callae

Someone call the witch doctor; the dead rise from their graves!

Holy necromancy, Batman!

WWOOWOWW, awesome, one of the best has returned :D, thanks Loyal2Luna, most of us that are still from the beggining still are here to contenue our fun together :D.

Wait you're back!?!

I adored your Mass Effect stories!

You know, this means I have to go through your fics and move them around in bookcases... reread a couple fics and otherwise get super excited again.

But welcome back, you were missed.


YEEES! It's so rare for authors to come back after a year of absence. I'm pumped! Time to re-read everything!

I've been reading fanfictions for quite a few years now. many favorite writers have faded away or stopped for one reason or another. to be perfectly honest, you are one of those favorite writers that I could say I expected to never hear from ever again. but if you truly have returned, I think that this year is starting to look a lot more promising.

NO WAY!!! :pinkiegasp:

What an extremely pleasant surprise!
Welcome back!


Welcome back!

NO YOU CANT BE BACK! That means I need to reread all the old stuff and be stuck here waiting for updates a bit while longer.

The horror.

The ancient texts spoke of your return. I did not believe them to be true

Bruh I was literally just thinking about those old Whooves stories! Good to have you back!

Why can't we upvote blog posts yet?!


I know someone already said this but...

OMG! Welcome back! If you don't mind, I'm sending an internet hug your way! I almost don't care if you update any stories, I'm just glad to see you're here. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Black Hoof deleted Aug 21st, 2021

Oh great and merciful lord, who hath raised the Phoenix from scattered ashes, we sing in praise of you and your most glorious of creations and bag of thee; let this most wonderful returning of one thought gone forever not be singular but a sign of more to come.

Now that I have that bit of purple prose out of my system welcome back and i can't wait to see what you have instore for us in ME3

Comment posted by The Chronicler deleted Mar 31st, 2021

Welcome back Commander.


Thats awesome. Honestly I loved the Lore from your DLC story about how the Ponykind generation operated in their prime. How they chose to try to find their own way rather than rely on citadel tech to control their growth. The fact that they gave the reapers a challenge, but that their downfall was their inability to comprehend betrayal from within was really on point. Honestly I love a lot of the cultural bits you’ve sprinkled in about pony society and mannerisms as well. Like its a small detail, but there was that one bit that explained how pony's fight when they disagree, going into details about posture, and how as a herd based species the entire group reacts that was just great. Mass effect was full of cool world building stuff like that and it was on point for the series.

So one thing that I was wondering was how you were going to handle the Reapers flawed intentions. It was in the 3rd game that we kinda came to realize that, while terribly and deeply flawed, the Reapers logic for why they wiped the slate clean made a sort of twisted sense, and that the Protean DLC kinda brought that to light. In all the previous games the Proteans were seen as this majestic benevolent super race from what bits were left behind, but in we learned in the 3rd that wasn’t the case. The Proteans were brutal conquerors and colonists. They would uplift your race, but only if you agreed that your species was below theirs and would remain subservient. Their chokehold on power prevented other new spacefaring civilizations from flourishing. While it doesn’t excuse the reapers actions in any way, it can be seen why they thought that they needed to step in. Will your story alter the Protean time period and their motivations at all, or will theirs remains mostly the same?

Also wondering if we will be getting more shadow broker stuff. I know the last chapter ended right around the time of the power switch, but as one of the best dlc’s in the whole series I was totally hoping for more exploration of it.

What I'm figuring was going through your head when you decided to come back to truly complete the Mass Effect stories.

I don't know how to express my relief that you're okay. Just, glad to know you're alright. Heard it from some people and all, but it's something completely different to actually see it. Good luck with what you've got planned. Just happy to be here for the ride.

Comment posted by Black Hoof deleted Aug 21st, 2021

:twilightsmile: good to have you back, can’t wait to re-read everything and then enjoy the new stuff :)

Wanderer D

5486695 Well, I for one am glad you were in good health all this time. We lost touch, and well, life continues for everyone, but every now and then I wondered where and how you were doing. I'm looking forward to reading you writing again!

Holy crap, forreal?! I still have at least one of your old Doctor Whooves fics in my "favorites of all time" section on my page. It's awesome to have you back!


I...wasn't expecting this. I was scrolling through my favorites and noticed "Shades of Twilight" was marked incomplete rather than cancelled like it was...4 years ago at this point. Welcome back? Very confused, but very pleased.

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