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We Bare Bears: The Truth Or Never Again Final Chapter Amanda's Secret · 11:46pm March 30th

The whole group spent the next half hour at Lake Anzo. Amanda and Panda kept splashing at each other, and continuing to swim together around the lake. It was longer than they thought, with no one entering from the trail in that time, meaning the whole lake was all for themselves.
When they all got out, Ranger Tabes and the Poppy Rangers took out the fire wood while Grizz took out the graham crackers, marshmallows, and several chocolate bars for everyone to make smores.

It was at that time, the sky got darker as the sun set below the horizon, where everyone told scary stories to each other. While hearing the most terrifying parts of the story, Amanda got close to Panda in fear, while he wraps his arm around her. He soon got the hang of it to the point where he’s no longer shy and more confident in himself. They all roasted their marshmallows to their liking, placing them on their chocolate with in between two graham crackers. With the final touch of placing the last graham cracker on top, they all eat their desert for the day.

After a while, they put everything away, they gather together and leave Lake Anzo with the moon hanging brightly in the sky. Darrell and Sofia say goodbye to the whole group as they head back to their place in San Francisco. There were no more activities set up, all she needs to do is lead everyone back to the ranger station, and send the Poppy Rangers back home.

It took much longer to find their way back, but they eventually made it back at the ranger station. The camping trip was over and they’d had a lot of fun. After Clifford gave a hug to Panda, Lucy took him to the car where he fell asleep after the big day he had.

“Thank you Panda.” Ranger Tabes shaking Panda’s hand. “Today was a lot more important and successful than I’d hoped.”

“Don’t mention it, it’s amazing how everything turned out at the end.” Panda smiled.

“Turned out? Thanks to you, I might consider Lucy to be my co-ranger.”

“We still need to work on that.” Lucy said, walking up to Tabes. “But still, it’s nice to finally meet someone I haven’t met before.”

“Then I’ll be seeing you when you call me.” Tabes smiled as she headed inside the ranger station to call the parents of her rangers.

“It’s really a shame your brothers won’t be around when you’re with us.” Nguyen looked at Panda and Ice Bear with a hit of sadness in her voice.

“Especially how fun it was for them to join us.” Wallace added.

“Hey, maybe next time, they might decide to join us for what we usually do, you know troop leadership and all that?” Grizz replied.

“Maybe we can just come over to your place during the next weekend or later.” Parker requested. “It would be better if we know them a little more.”

“Just like how Panda did earlier.” Murphy added.

“That’s fine, that way you’re all safe and sound.” Chloe smiled. “It’s just sad I won’t be with all of you with the homework I’m gonna get next week.”

“Well look at the bright side.” Diaz walked up to Chloe. “It could’ve been today or it could’ve never happened to start with.”

“And for the most, you at least became more willing to become a Poppy Ranger for just one day.” Wallace commented.

Chloe and the Poppy Rangers gave each other a group hug until Chloe heads next to Ice Bear who promised to take her home. Amanda spent the whole time standing by Kale’s car even since she came here. She didn’t want to leave, because she still has a surprise she’s kept hidden from the others, ever since she told Lucy and Kale about it.

Panda took notice of his girlfriend standing all by herself in the shadows. “Amanda, is there something wrong?” He asked, while walking up to her.

“Nothing.” She smiled. “In fact, I was waiting until we were separated from the group.”

Panda knew she would say that, thinking her subway train is waiting for her when she leaves. “It’s okay, you don’t live here and for everything it took just to get here, I’m fine with you heading back to where you live with your family.”

While acting like a mature boyfriend, he’s about to hug Amanda but she stopped him from doing so. “Actually, there’s a surprise I have for you.” Panda along with his friends from behind listen to what Amanda is about to say. “Me and my family are moving out of town and my mom told me to find a home.”

“Wait, you're really moving?” Panda blinked.

“I’ve spent the last week taking trains to go sightseeing, while also trying to find houses my family can afford. And when your brother messaged me on that dating website about you, I realized, I might move to San Francisco.”

Panda would never believe Amanda would move in order to find the perfect place to stay. Sacrificing his friendships was something he wouldn’t do just for his own pleasure, but Amanda, making that sacrifice, he wonders if her friends are fine with her leaving. 

“Amanda, I can’t believe you're really doing this.” Panda said in disbelief.

“Other than being happy that you picked the right time?” She placed both of her hands behind her back. “That way, we can keep up on reading manga and get to know each other more.”

“That’s completely awesome!” Grizz said cheerfully, walking up to his brother. “Maybe we can meet your family during-” He gets cut off by Panda.

“Grizz! It’s too early for that!”

Amanda laughed from Panda’s sense of humor. “Anyway, I’m gonna be renting an apartment right now, I’ll meet you tomorrow when I get the chance.” She gave Panda one last hug as she waved to him before she left the ranger station.

Lucy and Kale both walked up to Panda after the day they had with him with smiles on their faces. Even if today wasn’t perfect, at least it didn’t turn out as terribly as they’d feared it could’ve been. “If you wanna know why we didn’t help you, it's because we dropped our part of the plan, since it really wasn’t needed.” Lucy said.

“During the second phase, she was so into you, we thought you could handle it on your own.” Kale added. “And you did.”

“It’s unbelievable that she’s willing to be my girlfriend at the first opportunity, but I thought she'd never be.” Panda replied.

“That’s what we thought when we met her.”

“But she’s a lot more nice when she thinks about pandas.” Lucy added.

“I guess you're right but...I don’t think I wouldn’t get kissed by her without the first phase.” Panda smiled.

“Well we can all agree that we finally did something together for once.” Kale wrapping his arm around Panda. “You feel like we’re friends now?”

“Pretty much.”

“Then maybe during Anime Con, we can go together so we can enjoy what else we have in common.”

“Easy Kale.” Lucy smiled. “Just make sure that we still need to keep up as friends.”

“I understand.” Kale walks past her as he’s about to start up the car.

Lucy turned her attention back to Panda. She wanted to thank him for making this day happen, but she already knew he didn’t need to be congratulated. The only thing she’s gonna remember is when he revealed his secret to her. She didn’t like it, but by learning about it, Panda isn’t what she thought he was.

“Maybe during Fruit Friday, you mind taking care of deliveries?” She offered.

“Sure.” Panda accepted.

“I promise the boxes won’t be heavy for you to carry.”

Lucy and Panda gave each other one last hug. Afterwards, she got inside the car as Kale drove away from the ranger station. It may be their first step into a much healthier relationship, but Panda might see Lucy as an understanding person in due time. As for Lucy, she’ll always see Panda as her favorite out of the three, no matter how different he is.

While Ice Bear was on his own after sending Chloe home, Grizz and Panda headed back to the cave. They were exhausted after going on a long camping trip with tons of people along. Before Grizz opened the front door, he turned to his brother.

“Pan-Pan.” He replied to which his brother reacted from his slumber. “You did everything just to please everyone, right?”

“Well.” Panda yawned. “I didn’t organize everything, but I’m definitely the wild card out of most of this.”

“Well at least we can finally relax in our cave for a while. Today went on way longer than it should’ve.”

“Yeah, I’m definitely gonna stay inside with nothing to be concerned or worried about anymore.”

When they got inside of their cave, they saw Charlie sitting on the sofa, much to their surprise. “Hey bears.” He called.

“Charlie, how long have you been in here?” Grizz responded.

“For about two hours or so. I’ve read your letter.” Charlie shows the bears his letter.

“You saw everything back at Lake Anzo?”

“Uh huh.”

“I didn’t expect you to wait in the cave.” Panda replied until he noticed the bag and backpack on the floor. “Hey, those are the bags me and Lucy left behind back when I reunite with the group.”

“Well on my way back, I’ve picked these up since they belong to you.” Charlie handing Panda his belongings “By the way, me and all my friends saw you getting the girl of your dreams.”

Panda blushed, now knowing his friend from the woods didn’t miss it when Amanda kissed his cheek for that long. “Well, this is gonna take time to get used to.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’m just glad you're no longer depressed.”

As Charlie headed outside, he closed the door behind him. He didn’t have anything to say other than being thankful. Just when Grizz was about to head inside his room for the night, he had a question about Amanda. On the way back, he learned that she’s Panda’s girlfriend and the more he thinks about it, his question became much more complex.

“Don’t you think that having a girlfriend changes much of your life?” He asked, just before Panda headed inside his room.

“She told me we’re only being boyfriend and girlfriend.” Panda responded. “I’m sure our limitations will show everyone that we’re not taking any steps further until we think the time is right.”

“It’s not that.” Grizz signed. “Are you gonna cut your time with us, your friends, and what you love?”

Panda didn’t realize this when he accepted Amanda to be her boyfriend. He was concerned about how he’ll work it out with her and ignore the time he needs for everything he enjoys in his life.

“No.” He answered. “Yes I know this relationship isn’t the same as a normal relationship, but she can still know you and Ice Bear as friends.”

Grizz would believe his brother, but on the other hand, they never know what will happen when tomorrow comes. He knows Amanda will come over sometime the following day to let him know what neighborhood she’s moving to.

“Maybe you're right. Then again, we really need to spend the night without going through a lot of issues.”

“One hundred percent agreed.”

As they both say good night, they enter inside their bedrooms. Panda placed his belongings by his table. He took his phone that Lucy put back in the backpack and turned it on. Lucy reminded him to change her name in the settings after they left the lake together. It didn’t take long for him to change it and just when he’s about to tuck himself in bed, he got a notification that Amanda just followed him.

When he clicked onto it, he saw her profile and the selfies she posted. Then when he saw a selfie with him by Amanda, while swimming. She didn’t even mention anything about Panda being her boyfriend since she knows how personal she wants this to be. Panda felt more pleased to think she’s that smart to keep it at a low profile until everyone appreciates it. When he saw one more selfie of her sleeping with a body pillow of Miki-Chan, he pressed the like button, happy that she has a body pillow like his.

She took out his body pillow of Miki-Chan as he tucked himself in bed with it. He wrapped his arms around it, hugging in while being drifted to sleep. He imagines his body pillow to be like Amanda, while in his dreams he wishes that nothing bad will ever happen between him and her. But little did he know, Amanda has always done the same thing when she hugs her body pillow dreaming of having a boyfriend. Until the day he learns about it from her, the more they have in common, the closer together they will be.

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That park ranger be thicc

You should do is Displaced story of these characters in The MLP universe.

If I did that, my vision of the story wouldn't be the same. Tell me, what kind of characters do you think should be displaced?

Well to be honest you can easily make it where you can have three friends or family members who ends up taking the roles of the three bears and maybe having it when they split apart did you follow in their footsteps.

I'm pretty sure the love interested, which is Lucy, I can't find a pony character to displace her.

I was talking about the displaced like the people who gets teleported from a Comic-Con kind of thing into the MLP universe.

The fan base of Displaced.

Oh. So...is it like transporting my fanfic to here with more people or something? Sorry I never heard of this group before.

It's okay not that many people know about it but it is a fun fan base.

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