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  • Today
    Made a new friend today

    His name’s Clinton and he’s pretty cool actually. We played GTA together and made a ton of gay jokes lol. Now we’re obligating ourselves to make barrel jokes in every class we’re in.

    He helped me knock a ton of missions out and now we’re doing the Diamond Casino heist tomorrow. So that’s cool too. Hopefully I can make another tomorrow.

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  • Today
    I just came back from my second jog

    Holy shit my calves

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  • Today
    I just jogged my first mile

    Note to self: Bring your fucking asthma pump next time ya big dumb dumb

    Like holy shit my eyes are watering

    It’s literally so cold that the grass is starting to frost over and I was hella mouth breathing the whole way because my fatass was dying—

    I’m alive though so

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  • Today
    Finally made it to the competitive circuit in Rocket League

    For context it requires you to be at level 10 to participate in competitive matches. But I won my first competitive game at 3-2. And two of those points was me ;)

    Rocket League is definitely a new favorite of mine.

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  • Sunday
    Describing every subreddit I’m in

    r/Cringetopia: Holier than thou

    r/MurderedByWords: We’re cool because we make fun of people for not having a degree in what I’m talking about

    r/ThatHappened: Because you have nothing interesting going on and that means no one else should

    r/NothingEverHappens: Because people aren’t allowed to have bullshit detectors

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French Fry · 10:01pm March 30th

Twelve year old Griff sat in class with his daughter, Ocellus, because he thought it’d be a more effective way to spot bullies. And surprisingly? She didn’t have a problem with it.

It was up until Spike walked into class with a box of fries from the local McDonald’s, however.

He couldn’t resist it.

”Ayo!” he blurted. ”Can a n*gga borrow a French fry?!”

He got detention for the rest of the week.

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Comments ( 15 )

Mijo, be polite next time



”Hey, it’s my kind of etiquette.” he sits back, crafting a makeshift bow out of string and pencils.

Yes. You the power of being black


He combs through his hair with his Afro pick. ”The N word pass isn’t for just anyone, y’know.”


Only some are privileged enough to have it

Especially white dudes in the 1800s



This actually made me laugh out loud

Did he at least get a fry?

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