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We Bare Bears: The Truth Or Never Again Chapter 16 Kiss From An Angel · 4:11pm March 30th

Just a little under a mile away from the group, Charlie is walking all alone in a mild depression. He didn’t get the memo that Panda felt better afterwards when he left him at the private lake. He couldn’t even enjoy himself by playing a simple game with one of the animals due to his best friend feeling so much pain and sorrow.

“I don’t know what I’m gonna do with myself.” Charlie spoke to himself. “My best friend is completely broken like a million pieces lost forever! Why must the innocent’s soul become so damaged!”

He then slammed his head against a tree, causing a few leaves to fall from above. Not long until a squirrel with a piece of paper in his mouth along with binoculars being attached around its body. When it walked up to Charlie, he pulled on his leg.

“Yes?” He responded while looking at the paper in the squirrel’s mouth. “A letter?” He took the paper from the animal. It was a letter from Grizz after he made a plan with Kale.

“Dear Charlie,

Panda is back with us after Lucy talked to him. You don’t have to worry about him feeling depressed, he's feeling much better. We made a promise to keep you safe from any humans but our final camper has finally joined us. This is what Panda really wanted from Lucy, we’re gonna be heading to Lake Anzo so we can swim there. I want you to watch us but...hide so no one can spot you. Trust me, it will be worth it if something great happens.

Your friend,

“Oh my nelly! My friend Panda is no longer a broken-hearted animal!” He cheered as he picked up the squirrel. “I can’t wait for what's gonna happen to Pan-Pan. This is so much better than cable!” He then makes a head start by running to Lake Anzo where the whole group is swimming at. Even if he can’t join in on the fun, he’ll still be the ones who will see his best friend getting the surprise that’s coming his way.

At Lake Anzo, it’s rare for there not to be a lot of people swimming, especially compared to during the summer season. There’s far more space for the whole camping group, making it the perfect spot for Ranger Tabes to set up the campfire for later. The sky is slowly turning to orange with the sun slowly setting over the trees of the forest.

The group arrived at the lake only with a few members lagging a bit behind. Panda and Kale are the first ones to step foot onto the sand, while they both look at the water guns, along with other toys being displayed.

“Amanda will be here any second.” Kale whispering to Panda. “Follow my lead.”

“No problem.” Panda giving him the thumbs up.

“All right everyone!” Ranger Tabes shouted. “For the next hour, we’re gonna be swimming in Lake Anzo, so just enjoy yourselves, but keep it safe!”

“I’m ready to jump into the lake!” Murphy cheered.

“I’m gonna make a sand castle.” Parker added.

With all the Poppy Rangers rushing to the lake, Chloe and Clifford decided to swim together as long she promised his sister to keep him away from any of his allergies. Grizz and Ice Bear walked by their brother to give them a heads up.

“Bro, Lucy is with Amanda right now.” Grizz smiled. “Is Kale setting up the first phase?”

All that Panda had to do is point at Kale who’s looking at the many beach activities Tabes set up. “It may take time for us, but I’ll call you when you're up.” Panda replied, staying on track with the plan.

“Ice Bear is ready for beach time.” Ice Bear cheered, being prepared for a lot of fun.

Just when his brothers head to their spot, they notice there are two people coming from the trail through the trees. “Lucy and Amanda at four o‘clock.” Grizz warned Panda.

Upon hearing the signal, Panda acted causally while trying to give Amanda a normal impression. The girls he got into never went to the beach with him, whenever the chance was available. Even as an animal, any girl in a wonderful outfit always makes them beautiful in his eyes, just like Lucy during his first day meeting her.

“Okay Panda, don’t mess this up, make Amanda proud and never ever-” Panda thought before he got cut off.

“Bears?” A voice called in the distance.

“That doesn’t sound like Lucy or Amanda.” Panda blinked. When he turned around, he saw Darrell in his one piece swimsuit along with his wife Sofia, who’s also in her white swimsuit.

“I didn’t know you were swimming at Lake Anzo today?” Darrell asked, walking up to the bears.

“Not to mention company.” Sofia added, looking at everyone. “Is this some kind of party you're throwing?”

“Actually, this is a camping trip.” Grizz pointed at the group. “I got to say, I thought you were staying at home for the whole day.”

“Well, Sofia wanted to go swimming with me, so we agreed to swim here.” Darrell replied, whilst applying some sunscreen. “Do you think your friends will be alright with us staying?”

“Ranger Tabes shouldn’t have an issue, we were lucky there’s no one here so we got the whole lake to ourselves.” Panda said, making a slightly awkward giggle.

“Well that’s a small miracle for that to happen.” Sofia smiled. “Is that Ranger Tabes, the women with the hat?”

“Yes.” Grizz answered. “You can meet her if she’s fine with you staying.”

Darrell and Sofia made their way to the leader, while the bears felt a little freaked out. “Well that signal was pointless.” Panda commented.

“Come on Pan-Pan, you know Ranger Tabes can’t afford to buy the whole lake to herself.”

“Yes, too expensive, but I’m sure Darrell and Sofia might not like the look of me being with a human.”

“So?” Grizz being positive. “Them not being part of our camping trip doesn’t mean they're not welcome here.”

Panda would keep his conference to himself, but it won’t change for how Amanda could react. “Okay, like I said before, I don’t need your help at the moment, me and Kale have everything under control. I’ll make sure she’ll feel happy when I play with the water guns with her.” He then notices the looks on Grizz and Ice Bear as they start to back away from him. “Hey why are you two backing away?”

When he turned around, his eyes shot open when he saw Amanda, with Lucy by her side. The swimsuit she has on is a blue sparkling swimsuit, with cute panda faces on her bra. Panda’s heart pounded for how beautiful Amanda is, fearing it would come true upon reveal.

“Panda?” Amanda smiled. “Did you say something about playing with water guns with me?”

“Yes, because water blasters feel a lot more sports related...minus the fun factor.” Panda blushed.

“That’s right.” Lucy added. “And then we can go swimming by playing with the  beach ball together.”

“Fine by me.” As Amanda walked past Panda who’s turning more red by the second, Lucy poked on Panda’s shoulder, getting his attention.

“You probably need to stop making those faces.”

“I’m sorry, she’s too attractive!” Panda whispered. “How am we gonna do this right?”

“Please follow our lead.” Lucy and Panda head to their spot where Kale is waiting. The first phase of their plan is going fairly well, with Panda not backing down.

Meanwhile back in the forest, Charlie tried to find the perfect hiding spot. Even if he’s further away from Panda, he still has his binoculars. He wanted to come out there, but his fear of humans will instantly get the better of him.

“Here it is.” He said to himself while looking through his binoculars. “The show must have started minutes ago, but I still didn’t miss the best parts.”

Panda, Amanda, Lucy, and Kale are at the water blaster spot where there are six water blasters laid out. “So, have you ever played this game before?” Amanda asked.

“Not really, but I’m really excited for this.” Panda replied.

“That’s fine, I’ve played this game many times when I’m at the beach.”

“Is it because it feels like you're playing an actual shooter?” Lucy added. “Because it’s a lot better when you imagine yourself being in a video game, taking out the zombies that is.”

Amanda gave Lucy a confused look which caused Panda to give her a flinched look. “I don’t think she plays zombie video games.”

“Yeah, only RPG video games.” Amanda responded.

“Sorry, I thought it would get you in the mood of being in a first person shooter.” Lucy scratched on the back of her head.

“Do you play any video games?”

“No, I just watch a playthrough online, I’m not good at video games.” In an awkward look from Amanda, Lucy was lucky enough her move didn’t make a turn for the worse. “I really need to play video games, then watch them.”

As they arrived, Kale gave three water blasters to them. “Do you want a game of every player for themselves or a team vs. team style?” He offered.

“Team vs. team.” Panda offered. “We may have the whole lake to ourselves but it’s not big enough for camouflaging.”

“That’s a good choice, I’ll be partners with Kale, while you be partners with Panda.” Lucy added.

“Again? Totally fine with that.” Amanda turning to Panda.

“Looks like we’re partners again.” Panda said, smiling at his crush.

“Hey, if we’re good at a blindfolded maze game, we can handle this.” She lifted her water blaster up.

Panda can only be a lot more impressed from seeing Amanda way more than from when she left. During his first encounter with her, he only imagined her in the Summer Love manga, but never thought of the aftermath if she would ever come back. And now, it feels like it’s a sequel to the manga, but set in the present world.

“Well, these blasters aren’t gonna fire themselves.” Panda said, lifting his blaster up.

“Then let’s do this!” Kale cheered.

Without wasting any more time, two teams shooting water from their guns at each other, beginning their small scale beach war. The blast from Kale’s gun splashed on Panda while Amanda’s shot at Lucy. They immediately shake with the water still being fairly cold after being in the cooler all day. Panda started to get the hang of it by shooting Kale while using the velocity from his gun to get a bit more range. Soon, Amanda shot at Kale after Lucy's wet hair was covering her face.

“How about that!?” Amanda taunted.

“You're getting my swimsuit wet!” Kale reacted.

“Then how about two for the price of one!” Panda smirked as he blasted his gun to Kale. Kale fell on his back on the sand with his whole body completely soaked.

After five minutes, Panda and Amanda manage to win three out of the best of five rounds against Lucy and Kale. Even though they went easy on them, the first phase of their plan is finished. “Looks like you beat us three times out of five.” Lucy moving her wet hair.

“We’re awesome as a team!” Amanda jumped in joy.

“Tell me, I’ve never felt so coordinated during activities like this!” Panda cheered. Just when he’s about to give her a hug as part of his plan, Amanda rushed up to him, hugging him, causing him to almost fall down. “Wooah!” He reacted.

“We’re perfect as a team! I can’t even remember the last time anyone helped me so much!”

“You’re serious?”

“Yes! I don’t usually win games like this that much!”

While still in the position, while preventing himself from falling, he saw Lucy and Kale giving him the thumbs up. After they placed their water blasters on the ground, they saw the Poppy Rangers playing with the beach ball in the lake.

“How about we play beach ball with the kids?” Kale offered.

“We’re going to swim already? Great!” Amanda breaking the hug.

“Man, you’re really in the mood!” Panda reacted. He knew Amanda would be having a lot of fun, but nothing like this. She’s acting the same way Samantha did, but a little more into the zone compared to her.

“I’ll go get Clifford.” Lucy walking past.

Back at the other side of Lake Anzo, Grizz and Ice Bear are relaxing under the sun. They will jump into the water a bit later, but they’re waiting until phase two begins. Grizz took off his shades, noticing Panda on his way with Amanda by his side.

“That’s our cue, Ice Bear.” Grizz poked on Ice Bear’s shoulder. The two bears stand up, but not before Darrell and Sofia stop them from heading off.

“What are you two gonna do next?” Darrell wondered.

“We’re gonna play with the beach ball in the lake with the others.”

“Mind if we join?” Sofia asked.

Panda realized that almost all of the people on Lake Anzo are preparing to swim. Not a single human was staying on land for the time being. “Looks like we’re gonna be swimming with everyone.” He replied. “Are you sure you're fine with this amount of people playing?”

“Why not?” Amanda giggled. “It’s like all of your favorite students from school coming together...other than almost everyone here is a child.” She then looked at Diaz running past her.

Panda can tell what Amanda really missed home. Day after day, must have been a pain for her just to get here until she finally arrived. He’s upset she won’t stay here forever after the day is out, but he’s still savoring the moment until the time is right.

“Well then let’s pretend all of your friends are here. So you can imagine the great times with your friends.” Just when Panda’s about to head to the lake, Amanda grabbed his arm, which caused him to blush with it being the second time she made a move on him.

“To me, you’re not my pet, you feel way more friendly than an animal.”

“Like as a friend?”

Amanda shook her head in response. It caused Panda to feel a lot more unprepared ,even though his plan is still intact. “This has to be some kind of long dream. It can’t be real.” He thought.

“Panda!” Kale called with the beach ball in his hand.

“We’re coming!” He shook his head while trying to believe he’s sleeping in his bedroom. Panda and Amanda stepped into the water last. With everyone finally in the lake, they all spread apart with Kale ready to hit the beach ball. He sent it to Grizz first who then hit it towards Ranger Tabes. She then sent it to one of the Poppy Rangers who jumped from the ground underwater and hit it towards Ice Bear.

Everyone manages to hit the ball at least twice per turn. Panda managed to get the hang of it without missing the ball. However every time he sends it to Clifford, he couldn’t keep his eyes off Amanda. Her hair is still wet from the water gun game and it’s sparkling like the girls from anime and the manga. He tried to focus on the ball, but it didn’t change how glorious Amanda is in his eyes.

Back where Charlie is hiding, more animals continue to gather around him, seeing the view of the whole camping group playing. “Pan-Pan’s really getting distracted.” He looked through his binoculars. “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” He turned to one of the deers who’s unsure.

“Panda!” Grizz getting the attention from his brother. Luckily his brother managed to hit the ball before it’s too late.

“Sorry, the water of this lake is too...mesmerizing.” Panda acting like he didn’t look at Amanda, to which, to his dismay, she giggled. “Not that it’s shining or anything- I mean it’s so beautiful- ahh!”

Amanda continues to giggle, as if she’s catching on, without feeling disgusted. “Come on, send me the ball!” Chloe called while being on top of Ice Bear. When the ball went straight towards her, she missed it, causing the ball to land in the water.

“The ball’s over there.” Parker pointed. “Can someone get it?”

“Ice Bear will volunteer.” Just before Ice Bear would head to get the beach ball, Kale stopped him.

“How about we have Panda go get it.” He offered.

“What?” Panda’s eyes shot open in shock. “I can’t swim over there.”

Kale knew this wasn’t part of the strategy of the second phase, but he can tell there won’t be a third phase afterwards if things kept going the way they were going. He liked the way Amanda is taking it to the point that her secret that she’s keeping from anyone would be a great surprise.

“There’s inner tubes on the sand, Lucy, can you give him one please?”

“Got it.” Lucy heads to the shore to get an inner tube. Panda slowly walked up to Kale with everyone waiting for him to get the ball back.

“Kale, this wasn’t part of the plan.” He whispered into Kale’s ear.

“I know, but this is actually turning out much better than I expected.” Kale whispered back while receiving the inner tube from his girlfriend. “Trust me, nothing bad will happen.”

As Panda looked at the inner tube, he then looked at the ball still floating on the surface of the lake. It’s mostly simple for anyone to just swim over just to grab it, but by the looks of it, the ball was continuing to float away from the group.

“Okay, just give me a minute and I’ll get the ball.” He spoke while getting on top of the tube. He used his arms to swim over to the beach ball, while going as fast as he could. Unfortunately, due to the wind from the weather, it pushed the ball away from Panda. “Come on!”

“It’s not gonna go away!” Darrell called. “Just make sure you don’t fall off your tube!”

Panda took a deep breath while swimming towards the ball. Just when the wind blew it away, Panda got it before it’s too late. “I got it, I’ll be right there!” Just when he’s about to swim back to the group, he heard a splash right behind him. While getting himself wet, he managed to hold onto his tube, preventing him from falling off. “Okay! Who scared m-” Just when he confronted someone, his frustration soon turned to shyness and a hint of embarrassment when he witnessed Amanda with her hair completely soaked.

“Come on, I was just having fun!” She smiled. “Besides, don’t you think you need help by allowing someone to push you faster?”

Panda looked back at the group and anyone was fast enough to push him from behind. “But...should I be the only one who’s supposed to get the ball?” He showed the beach ball to her.

“You know you still need some assistance since you can’t swim.” Amanda then started to tread in the water, before straightening up and freestyled her way back to the group. Panda may get rides with his brothers during his river trips with them, but a girl who’s willing to push his tube, even he never thought about that in his dreams.

When he and she head back to the group, everyone around him is admiring the whole moment. With his partners liking how phase two is working out much better, Darrell and Sofia found it sweet that he’s with a girl after they allowed him to be at the table filled with single people.

“She’s just helping, there’s nothing going on between us.” Panda blushed.

“It’s not like you're busting a move.” Diaz giggled.

“She’s the one who’s busting a move on you.” Sofia closed her eyes in delight and a bit of humor.

With everyone continuing to catch on, Panda began to pant again, as if he’s gonna explode with stress. Lucy notices the same reaction Panda had been doing the whole day. “Why don’t you take a break out of the water?” She offered.

“It’s fine with us.” Kale added.

“Okay, good idea.” Panda got off the tube while leaving the group as he tossed the beach ball to Ranger Tabes. He turned around and saw Amanda still giggling while waving to him. He can’t even stop himself from smiling embarrassingly in front of everyone. With the whole plan taking a different direction to what he expected, he’s not sure how the third phase will play out.

After a few more minutes, everyone in the lake is done playing with the beach ball. They all headed back to shore, while they planned on swimming in the lake with toys. During that whole time, Panda had been laying on the sand, while his heart rate slowed down to normal, thankfully.

“Why am I always like this when I am bound by my choices?” He said to himself. “It’s like she’s trying to make me be with her, but I never thought she would be this excited?” He lifted himself up from the sand while he saw Grizz and Ice Bear helping Lucy and Kale with the toys being handed to the children. Ranger Tabes is talking to Darrell and Sofia about the campfire they’re gonna make tonight.

“Man, today was much longer then I thought. To think so much was just for Kale’s relationship with Lucy, I’m not sure how this day can get anymore stressful.”

“Stressful?” Panda’s eyes shot open when he saw Amanda standing in front of her, concerned from her tone of voice. “You had a stressful day, when I wasn’t here?”

Panda wanted to be honest, but at the same time, he doesn’t want to hurt Lucy after the conversation he had with her. “Ummm...it’s not that, let’s just say it was too personal for me to set up everything for a man and his girlfriend’s date.”

“You mean...Kale and Lucy?” She wondered, to which Panda nodded. There’s nowhere near to them to have some privacy, with everyone on the far shore of Lake Anzo, not to mention with little to less attention, unlike before.

Back in the forest, Charlie along with all of his animal friends had been watching Panda this whole time without taking a single break to miss out on anything. They remained silent, until the moment eventually came.

“I’ve came up with the idea with everyone going on a camping trip just so Kale can impress Lucy.” Panda explained with Amanda sitting next to him. “We didn’t plan this a month prior, only a week prior.”

“Maybe it explains why Ranger Tabes never taught you everything before this trip started.” Amanda commented.

“It’s not that, she took care of everything, if it was her idea, Grizz would’ve been the only person here.”

“Then it’s probably good, because I wouldn’t be here if that happened.”

Panda looked straight at Amanda after the past hour and a half since she finally arrived. “How is being part of this camp this important to you?” He asked. “I’m not trying to be rude, but remember when I retrieved your phone when you left behind? I thought that was the last time I was ever gonna see you.”

Amanda knew he would say that, every single word was just as she thought. “That’s what I thought when I last saw you, but in case you didn’t know already, I love pandas.”

“Well...I’ve kind of figured that out after seeing your hat...your backpack...and your phone.”

“But do you wanna know why?” She smiled. “Because, even if they’re too rare to be seen regularly, they’re always sensitive and they’re generally kind to anyone.” Panda may have made so many mistakes in his life, but at the same time, he’s the most sensitive bear of the three brothers unlike Grizz and Ice Bear. “And even if this may sound insane, I know we can still work this out.”

“What do you mean by that?”

She placed her hand on his, taking him by surprise while slightly blushing. “Can I be your girlfriend?”

Panda thought he was hallucinating at first, but his ears weren't messing with him. He instantly stood up, while completely shocked that Amanda said it next to him. “No, No! No! No! No! You can’t be this delusional!” He placed both of his hands on his head, with phase three of his plan out of the window. “How will anyone think of this when we’re together?”

Amanda didn’t immediately answer his question, in fact she didn’t feel heartbroken that she got denied. She got on her knees while looking at Panda, straight in the eyes. “My family respects me, just like you. My friends don’t mind what I feel, just like you. And most importantly, you know how this really means to me because you found my phone.” She looked at her phone with the panda icon. “If I never got my phone back from you, I don’t think anyone would be willing to find me.”

Soon, Grizz and the others see what Panda is doing with Amanda. Everyone who isn’t part of the plan, refuses to interfere when they know it’s not appropriate. Kale’s plan was a lot more thought out, but at the same time, he knew rejecting the final phase will make his panda dude handle this all by himself.

“You really think so?” Panda responded.

“Yes, this phone is really important to me when I think of pandas who understand me personally. And you are the one that makes my heart warm.” She slowly walked up to him with a heartwarming smile on her face. “Please, I know you can do this. You may never hang out with a girlfriend, but I never had a boyfriend in my life.”

“Well what are going to do if we really go through with this?”

“Just boyfriend and girlfriend, just as that, we don’t have to go any further, even if we’re ready to go further.”

Panda has the chance of a lifetime right in front of him, accept or deny. But he’s not gonna disappoint anyone anymore. He spent the whole day keeping his secret from his former crush, leaving the group with a broken soul, only to come back where Amanda is heading to, he’s fed up with the drama. This was the only time that any girl offered him to be his girlfriend. Even with a lot of work that needs to be settled, he’ll do anything to not let Amanda down.

All he could do was nod in response which made Amanda super thrilled. “Thank you, thank you! I promise you will never regret it!” Then she planted a kiss on his cheek while lifting her right leg up. Unlike the kiss Panda got from Lucy a long time ago, he was so shocked to receive it from his now girlfriend. She holds onto the kiss while holding her breath, showing her care towards her favorite animal.

Everyone from the far shore of Lake Anzo saw the whole scene play out. Grizz, Ice Bear, Lucy, and Kale were impressed that Panda did it. The Poppy Rangers along with Chloe and Clifford were awwing in delight to see an animal friend getting a kiss from a girl.

“I got to say, Panda went through a lot today and he earned this.” Ranger Tabes said proudly, placing her hand on her hip. 

“He’s a really lucky bear.” Darrell smiled.

“This is so wonderful!” Sofia wrapped her fingers together.

Charlie along with the other animals felt proud of Panda when he finally got what he really wanted. His best friend sniffed his nose with tears of joy coming down from his face. “Pan-Pan did it and we didn’t miss it.” He wiped the tears from his face as he made the choice to leave as he saw everything he needed to see. But at the same time, he wanted to thank Panda face to face when the whole trip was over.

Amanda finally broke the kiss after nearly a minute while leaving Panda’s face completely red. “Tee hee hee, I can tell you didn’t expect me to kiss you for that long.”

“I was expecting three seconds but you somehow made it better then I thought.” He blushed.

“Then always remember it as my first ever kiss to you.” She then gave him a hug while Panda noticed that some of his friends gave him the thumbs up. Even Lucy knew what she said back there was true that he is still worthy of having a girlfriend. And the best thing about this, they still have the rest of the day left.

“Wanna go swimming with me?” Amanda asked, as she broke the hug.

“Sure!” Panda cheered as he took her hand as they headed to the lake.

“How about we give these two some space.” Grizz smirked.

“Sure.” Kale agreed. “Then maybe later we can congratulate him.”

“Of course, now let’s have fun in the lake!” Lucy cheered.

“Ice Bear and comrades plan is completed. More swimming reward.” Ice Bear heading to the water.

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