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Nobody were parentless at first. No story has a complete ending. I believe in the unlimited possibility of everything, not only stories.

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I introduce myself · 2:09pm March 29th

It's almost three months since I have joined in Fimfiction. I am familiar enough with people who work in here. I would like to introduce the truth of mine.

First of all, my self-nickname is CPR, which refers to my three characteristics. It means creative, practical, and reusing. Also, I want to call my self CCC. I have an older brother, and he represents himself as RRR. However, I don't really understand him because the Rs represent negative things. It was restless, ruthless, and reckless. On the other hand, I decided to do the exact opposite words, calm, caring, and careful.

I am having a happy daily life. However, like any other people, I am not always happy these days. There are many incidence that makes me upset, sad, and traumatized. Let me introduce about them in the next paragraph.

First, I have a serious split with my school classmates. I have a normal attitude in which I question stupid things to the teacher while class. I tried to solve that habit, but it was just hard for me to get rid of it! It's been a month since I have moved to new school and made new classmates. Most of my classmates are familiar each other now and they now get along well. Some even made best friends. Yet, no one seemed like they wanted to befriend me. They didn't want to become close friend with me just because they hate my attitude.:fluttercry:

Second, I lost hope about writing my newest fanfic. I am workingon my newest masterpiece fanfic, Equestrian Avengers : Age of the Bakers. It is a sequel of MLP Muffins Series written by Reitanna. I had a big dream about Equestrian Avengers : Age of the Bakers. If I complete the fanfic, I was going to show it to Reitanna and ask her what does she feel about mine! But that turned out to be harder than expected. It was hard for me to contact Reitanna. Her Deviantart account was deactivated. She doesn't work in YouTube now. Thus, comments were blocked in her YouTube account! There was still a way of hope for me. Her official website. Fortunately, she was still on business! But the problem is, I wasn' able to contact her with my account. Will I ever be able to contact her?:facehoof:

Third, I even lost hope about continuing MLP Gen 4. One of my biggest dream that I wanted to achieve during my lifetime was to revive MLP Gen 4 that already culminated with Season 9 a few years ago. I already have great episode ideas in my mind! At first, I gained more and more hope. I befriended a younger friend who had similar hobbies with me. I sent an email to Hasbro, and my mom allowed me to contact Hasbro later. Unfortunately, those things begun to fall. Due to my new school, I was unable to meet my younger friend often. Also, there isn't still a single reply even though about 3 months passed since I sent an email to Hasbro. That's not all. Hasbro already released Gen 5 trailer! Will MLP Gen 4 ever be able to continue? Did I completely lost hope.:rainbowhuh:

That was all the pain that I suffer these days. Yet, I didn't lose hope and happiness completely. Even if I fall down, I will get back up again. I have my family, my teachers, and my best friends! I still have close people around me! And I believe that there is no dream or goal that is impossible to achieve. Maybe someday in the future, I will overcome the problems. You can cheer me up whenever you want!:twilightsmile:

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