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Willy's Wonderland Review · 12:28am March 29th

It's birthday time,
It's birthday time,
It's birthday time, let's cheer!

At Willy's Wonderland!

Willy's Wonderland, as you can probably tell, is like a Five Night's At Freddy's situation with killer animatronics. It follows Nicholas Cage as a janitor who's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and needs repairs. He's offered a janitorial job in exchange for getting his car repaired, and so he decides to clean up a rundown children's entertainment facility known as Willy's Wonderland. However, he soon finds out all is not what it seems as he's locked inside, and the robots inside attempt to attack him one by one, along with a handful of teenagers who soon find themselves caught between the animatronics 'ritual'...

So first thing I wanna say before I get into this movie, I honestly didn't know this was a thing. I remember a year back about a rumor of Nicholas Cage being in a FNAF type of movie, but I didn't know what to think of it. Til a trailer dropped out of nowhere showing us footage of the actual movie... along with a particular clip of Nicholas Cage beating the SHIT out of one of the animatronics. That alone got me hooked, it's like Five Nights at Freddy's... except Nicholas Cage is a janitor, and he beats the shit out of the robots! That's awesome! And just from how the movie is presented, this will either be a movie you will love, or hate. And I'll be honest, I liked it. Let's get into it.

First off, I will say, it's honestly an interesting choice for Nicholas Cage to be a 100% silent protagonist. Now he does grunt and make some noises here and there, but he doesn't talk. Ever!

Now admittedly it did feel grating later on in the film that he still kept up the 'no talking', but it honestly worked pretty fine. Now there's not a lot to really say on Nicholas's character, the janitor, we don't really know much about him, but Nicholas Cage does do a decent job with the role he's given, and when he gets fun, he's pretty fun.

And the other solid actor in this movie is Emily Tosta as Liv.

I feel like she was the best actor in the movie (aside from Cage) as she felt like she had the most emotion and energy in her performance, and the most developed or fleshed character. While she wasn't super compelling, I did care for her, and I wanted to see her safe in this movie.

The only other great performances are the voice actors for the animatronics. The animatronics that speak in this movie have great voices, I love them completely, I feel like it adds another level of character to these animatronic mascots. Each of them did amazing performances, so kudos to them.

And actually, let's talk about the animatronics... HOLY SHIT THEY ARE AWESOME.:rainbowkiss:

Yeah, the behind the scenes do show they had some people in suits like in Banana Splits, but here's the difference, real big difference, uhhhh, THEY WALK AND ACT LIKE REAL ROBOTS. The animatronics, when they move, they have that stiff motion like a real life animatronic, down to the jaws flapping up and down to mimicking the voice boxes, and the eye lids opening and closing. The people who made these robots did a fantastic job, and I love that these things feel like real animatronic robots. If we can make them this good, I cannot wait how the Freddy Fazbear's band will look. Plus each one of them had their own quirk to them, and I love how each of them have their own identity, really appreciate that. My only nitpick with them at least for now is, well... Knighty Knight. There's a knight among their group. ... I, uh... I don't know, I didn't care for him that much. I get the animal theme, but the knight just felt out of place in this animal bunch.

The fights with these robots (which I will go into depth later on) were pretty fun as well. I like that we do get showdowns with them one by one, so it's not everyone at once. We do see individual fights with the robots which I appreciate.

Another thing I liked was the initial backstory with Willy's Wonderland and it's characters. Yeah, at first it does look like they're just borderline steal the ideas/theories regarding the FNAF robots, but they do change things to still make it feel like it's own thing, and I appreciate the fact that the robots do have a motivations for why they kill, something that was sorely lacking from... you know what.

And the last thing I wanna give credit to... the songs. Those goddamn songs are catchy as hell, and I will never get them out of my head. They are so fun! From the songs that Willy and his friends sing for the children, to the actual song simply titled Willy's Wonderland. Honestly guys, check them out, they're worth a listen.

And now let us get to the negatives... and believe me, I do have a few.

While it's interesting to see Nicholas Cage play a completely dead silent role... it started to grate on me later in the film. There were moments where I was like 'okay, please just SAY SOMETHING!' Now I'd be okay if he was quiet for the most part, maybe say a few words here and there, like the Mandalorian if that makes sense. And yeah, that's another thing. He doesn't really have much of a character. Nicholas Cage does the role fine, but there's not really much to know about this guy other than he has an unhealthy addiction to Punch Sodas (which I friggin' love the design of those cans) and he is a legit man of his word. Such a man of his word that when he's told to take a break, he'll take a damn break... even if it means leaving a girl to possibly die by one of the robots while he tries to get the high score on that damn pinball machine.

The teenagers that are supposed to be Liv's friends... yeah I don't care about them.

Like, I could not give two shits about them. The actors are serviceable, but they're not compelling in the slightest. They barely feel like friends, they don't act like friends, and I think Nicholas Cage has the same feelings about them; cause he doesn't give two shits about them either! Hell, I don't even know their names, I barely remember their names. Now I wasn't expecting much from them, to be fair, I mean they are basically stock teenager fodder, so they aren't as bad other teenagers in horror movies (I think absolute worst goes to the three teenagers from The Gallows)... but they're not great.

Hell, there's a scene where our stock horny girl bangs with this other guy... in the room where CHILDREN WERE MURDERED. They even say out loud how disturbing it is to be in the room where they died, and yet she's suddenly horny, like what the hell? She even asks if it's weird that she's horny, um, YES. YES IT IS. There is nothing sexy about banging in a location where a bunch of innocent children were murdered on their birthdays! Thankfully we don't spend a ton of time with them, courtesy of Arty the Alligator.

Another thing I had problems with is with the initial fights; now they're fun, and I loved each one of them... but I feel like they were a bit short at times. Some of them don't take long to take down, and it just raises the question of if these things are so easy to take down, why didn't the entire town stage an attack on them? Now I'm not asking for a long fight for like 10 minutes, but I'm just saying you could have done a bit more. Thankfully the fight with Willy did have a decent run-time.

And that's another question I had; so the backstory does explain how the robots get out of their building and why the townsfolk trick Cage into working there... but he's able to beat the shit out of them by himself! He even takes on two of them all the while he's handcuffed, which begs the question, if he can put a stop to them, then why can't you gather the strongest folks in your town and do it then? It's an insane idea, yes, but you know what, better you destroy them with an army of townsfolk instead of just letting a bunch of serial killers stay alive in those suits.

Legit criticism I'll also add... the camera work. Some of the camera-work was just terrible. There are too many shots that are close which feels very disorienting, and there are too many moments of lenses flares throughout the film. At some points I thought they were going to be used for flashbacks, but no, they weren't. They felt obnoxious, and I think that could have been resolved. Just a tip of mild advice for the sequel (if it happens, I honestly hope we'll get one), please do not zoom in so close on the actors unless necessary.

And my last criticism is that honestly... I wish the movie was scary. This feels more like a horror-comedy than horror. Now there's nothing wrong with that, I mean the idea is silly, of course there's gonna be some silly fun, I expect that. But I was hoping there could have been a few more scary moments here and there, especially for a movie with the concept of killer animatronics.

In the end, I still had fun with this movie. Maybe I'm nitpicking too much, but I do feel like some stuff could have been improved. It's not terrible by any means, but it's not a great movie. It's a silly, fun, horror flick about Chuck E Cheese type animatronics trying to kill Nicholas Cage, you'll either love it or hate it. Me? I had fun with this movie, and there's a lot of great things to take away from it. If they do make a sequel or prequel on this to expand on the universe of this world, I'd be okay with that. Hell, a prequel focusing on the actual killers could be kinda fun, see how they got brought together up to their passing into the machines . Honestly, I recommend giving it a watch if this is up your ally.

I give Willy's Wonderland a 6 out of 10.

Thanks so much for reading, I'm sorry I haven't really been updating much lately, been kinda busy (mostly with RL stuff:twilightblush:) but I'm hoping to get my act together and get some content rolling again, I promise. I'm not dead. Anyways, I hope you have a great evening, and...

Just remember friends, the party never ends...

At Willy's Wonderland!

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Thanks for the review, Four. I'm glad that there was stuff you enjoyed in this movie. :pinkiesmile:

The mere moment I saw this poster, I did indeed thought the same; Five Nights at Freddy's.

You know, if Five Nights at Freddy's was more like Resident Evil, involving less point and click, and more controlling your character while dealing with these animatronics, I would be even more hooked.

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