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Poisoned Update (Entry 9 Batch #2) · 11:26pm March 28th

Howdy howdy~

Derply here, bringing you another end of the month status update on The Poisoned Barb's Tale!

March was a bit wild for me irl, so unfortunately I wasn't able to produce nearly as much as I wanted to. The updates on gen five we received during this time certainly relit my passion for ponies, but with no real time to focus it into writing the energy kinda went... pft.

There was also one other hurdle that got in the way...

... I forgot what Prince Solaris sounds like.

I know that sounds absolutely silly, but please keep in mind that I haven't written for the big guy since mid 2018! He's a complicated character as well, and one who still gets comments theorizing what his overall deal is! The pressure to live up to those expectations didn't really help me when it came to sitting down and putting my thoughts to digital paper...


... Buuuuuttt after a few dozen rereads of his last few appearances later:

"I think it's safe to say that our dear Derply was successful in rediscovering my voice!

"Apologies for the hijacking of this little blog post, gentle readers, but I felt it was in ManlyDerp's best interest to get some well earned sleep. Her desperation to reach the end of 'Act One' before the end of this year temporarily blinded her to the fact that fanfiction is supposed to be fun; not work. Writing for me again, especially after my little brother's amusing stint in the spotlight, is thankfully reminding her of this most important of facts.

"Derply herself is still, unfortunately, her own worst critic though; meaning that although she envisions a Sunday-Saturday, back-to-back update extravaganza featuring seven chapters in total it's unlikely she'll actually meet this goal before the end of April...

"... Or she just might! Who knows? I may be a Seer, but I'm not privy to everything... Save for the fact that I do know there will be no April Fools chapter this year. Truly a pity, I was quite looking forward to the "What If" style story she was in the middle of conjuring; the one where our dear Barbara D. Burns reincarnates not as Barbara The Dragoness, but as a completely different Barbara of another Lauren Faust intellectual property! I wonder if you can guess which one :trollestia:

"Well then, I think I've prattled on long enough for today. Thank you kindly for your time, and I do ever so hope to see you again real soon!"


Prince Solaris of Equestria

P.S. "I will never confirm, nor deny, whether the conversation we just shared can be considered canon or not~"

Comments ( 6 )

No April Fools chapter ; -;

Those are always my favorite chapters when it comes to long running stories.

Anyways, once again, updates are the best. Gives me time to stock up on popcorn for the next chapter release.

We understand. Sometimes I wish I could trade some of my boredom for your draining excitement, but, you know, feelings aren't currency..

Dir noch alles Gute! :twistnerd:

Well, that's simple enough: The aforementioned conversation is canon.

That is to say, the aforementioned conversation is canon, or else I activate this doomsday device, and despite what all prior experience dictates, I'm pretty sure this one will actually work.

"And I'm 'pretty sure' your assumption is correct... Though now I'm afraid I will have to leave you guessing whether I'm referring to the device or the aforementioned conversation :trollestia:"

"Still all the best indeed, friend."

Um... Pretty sure they were talking to me, dude.

"Now now, Derply; do not fret over such minor details, and please do return to your rest."


Twinkle twinkle twinkle


"That was not a request, dear~"

"Happy to oblige! And thankfully the future is looking promising for a 2022 April Fooling... But I will not spoil whether this will truly be the case or not. I'm afraid you'll just have to stick around and find out for yourself :trollestia:"

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