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Dashing off a Quick Blog just to say thank you... · 8:33pm March 24th

... For leaving consistently good quality comments on my stories, and especially Dibs on My Sister. Not a whole lot of clopfiction writers get quality feedback and it's because of people like you that my comments sections are consistently awesome. Everyone thumbs up good comments. Everyone thumbs down the few garbage ones and the criticism I do receive is nearly always constructive and wholly justified.

From the bottom of my heart... thank you.

Taking a short break from writing but I intend to defend my crown in the next Incest is Wincest contest by posting an entry and I want to write a Mission Failed sequel for Cloppy.

My mentor Firesight has written a bonus chapter feature for Feathered Heart, adding context and lore to Demon Eye's Laharl's old classic which you can find here:

TFeathered Hearts - Continuation and Chronicles
The Griffon Kingdom has overcome countless challenges and adversaries over its long history. But can it survive the coming of humanity and the return of an ancient foe?
Firesight · 129k words  ·  131  9 · 2k views

Give this story a shot if you have time to spare and leave a comment for my friend if he can. I'm sure he'll appreciate it. Until then, stay awesome!

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Appreciate the shout-out, as always! Congratulations again for your smashing success on Dibs, and best of luck on the new contest! I know you've got some juicy ideas ready to go. And as for FH: C&C, that story will contain not just bonus chapters, but the eventual continuation and conclusion of Feathered Heart, folks. So if you were left hanging by the original, come on over!

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