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"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.

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  • 13 weeks

    The more TNG I watch (over and over again, forever), the more I come to appreciate whoever went out and got John de Lancie to play Discord.

    Fucking masterstroke.

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  • 14 weeks

    Hey! Look! A reading! And so soon!

    He's a speedy one.

    Now I just need someone to do Mistress of Subtlety.

    I'd do it myself but damn son, time ain't on my side these days.

    1 comments · 72 views
  • 14 weeks

    Also, unrelated to anything, really, but I do like how one of the most common elements in any of these fresh new pictures of Izzy is the tennis ball - 'shield', sorry - on her horn. It just tickles me.

    Mean, it's sensible. She opened a tin of beans with that thing! She'll have your eye out!

    3 comments · 121 views
  • 16 weeks

    New film actually very enjoyable. Bizarrely, the CGI horses look a billion times better moving than they do not moving, not sure how that works. Big fan of Hitch's animal sidekicks getting to be part of the mob and flipping over a vehicle. In fact, big fan of just about all the teensy split-second jokes. Quality work.

    Also, I want an Izzy. She is best.

    4 comments · 158 views
  • 17 weeks

    I saw an ad on the side of a bus for the new film coming out (something about which I was only dimly aware) and I had that familiar, unusual surge I always get whenever I spot cartoon ponies in the wild.

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#109 · 9:28am Mar 22nd, 2021

That feature that let's you see, uh, referrals to your stories or whatever is insidious and baffling. A lot of it is alphabet soup but sometimes I see things that electrify me with curiosity, but there's no payoff!

"Jobbing" got one from Wikipedia - how?

And the one with the batpony got some from TVTropes! Where?! Show me! Don't leave me hanging like that!

Also yeah I'm not dead just exhausted.

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Some privatization and security extensions in various browsers will pull from a random selection of sites, when the site asks for a referral address. Easier to blend in rather than sending the same blank or do-not-track response every time. Don't let it rock you too much, it's possibly just white noise. Also, glad you're not dead; that'd be inconvenient for reading more about Jack. Oh, also sad, totally my first thought. You can't prove anything. Shut up.

Also yeah I'm not dead just exhausted.

Children have been known to inflict that on their parents. Good to see you haven't died, though!

I've really enjoy your stories that I've read. They're just simply fascinating.

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