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    It’s time to actually have a hobby again.

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    I want a unicorn onesie so bad

    Totally not because I was binging Dhar Mann videos and came across that one girl with the unicorn headphones

    No way

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    My stummy hurts

    Buuuuut I’m bringing my math grade up. It’s almost to a B now, so that’s cool.

    I don’t have to worry about any other subjects- English is just really easy when it isn’t bullshitting you, science is my favorite, history is actually also really easy when you pay attention, and I haven’t fucked up my French grade yet.

    The problem is juggling all of this until June.

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    Watching “A Series of Unfortunate Events” was miserable

    Because Count Olaf was a fucking dick. I definitely prefer the snowman.

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Cutting Board · 2:14am March 22nd


The knife pounded against the kitchen counter like a jackhammer, slicing through the cucumber and the kitchen counter.

Ocellus tapped her father's shoulder. "Dad...?"

Griff stabbed the knife down, turning and grinning at his daughter. "Yes, sweetpea?"

"D-Did something happen? Y-You seem pretty tense..."

"...effing Hero. Every damn time. Meta's always like 'oh darling, if you snapped his neck, everyone would leave. Darling, darling, DARLING'. If you love Hero so much, why don't you go suck his dick?!" he threw the knife at the wall. Ocellus froze.

Comments ( 21 )

Ha ha. Ha.

"Um...seem's like something happened..."

He doesn't look back. "...what?"

Owwwwww ok that it’s griff no more knives for you for impaling my hand to the wall.

Yanks the knife out and throws it in the sink next to me carfully

"Hero Hero Hero. It's all about bucking Hero."

Use your head in all those instances he’s telling you to not commit murder because that would lead you to being taken away and result in stigma against your family including your kids being bullied and feared with people asking what if they snap or them fearing they will end up killing someone like you did stop thinking about yourself and think of your family

He sighs, then lets go of the knife. "I'll just take my leave." With that, he takes his shotgun and shoots himself in the head.

He then gets up, growling. "I even shot myself with a weapon he made me!! Dammit!!!"

Oh my God 😳

Heh, he really hates this person.

Well my attempt at a in story dramatic moment failed)

"Now shut up and take me to a hospital."

*Grabs him and rushes off*

I guess so cheese and crackers 😰

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