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  • 36 weeks

    Huh, alright then. Changing the complete tag, I guess look forward to the second chapter? :rainbowderp:

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  • 42 weeks
    The next step (not a direct sequel)

    I'm announcing my next pet project, another Spike ship! This time Pinkie will get the limelight :pinkiegasp:
    If you're interested at all in a spiritual successor, then give Scales and Sweets a try :heart:

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  • 57 weeks

    The only gods I have ever worshipped
    Have been the ones I could touch
    The ones that ask for nothing
    Besides the gentle rotation of a thumb

    The dragging of teeth over smooth skin
    The silk of hair cascading where it shouldn't
    Nails and fingertips tracing veins and arteries
    Flesh and flesh and blood and flesh

    And what god would not want to be revered
    In the way that I pray to you

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  • 312 weeks
    I made a Microfic, and then read it

    And here it is! Careful, it starts playing right away. I'm sorry for the background hiss, but I only have the one microphone, which is on a headset :twilightblush:

    “Do you ever wonder…”

    She looked back at the tree, the leaves dancing in a light, salted breeze.

    “No. No, of course not.”

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Wow · 9:19pm March 19th

Huh, alright then. Changing the complete tag, I guess look forward to the second chapter? :rainbowderp:

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Yay! We need more Apple jack meets cowboy fics! I'd write one myself, but I don't know enough facts about the Wild West.

Will do good sir.

Please remember to make sure you have a story in mind, don't just write off the cuff. Even if that means the next chapter will take longer we readers are willing to wait.

Well friend, the problem there is that I'm a discovery writer, so literally everything I put to paper is off the cuff.

That said, I'll be sure to do my best with the forthcoming chapters as well.

well that's fine some really good stories are written off the cuff like changling of the guard, but stories like that after some time often lose their driving force and the plot slows right down also the changling of the guard.

Of course it is your story write it how you like.

I'm just excited is all.

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