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Expect Delays · 12:20am Mar 17th, 2021

I'm posting this blog to say that you shouldn't expect any of the goals I posted earlier this month to be done anytime this month. I know, big shock from the dude who has been promising them to be done since November. But this time I've got an excuse outside of my procrastination in my personal life.

To put it bluntly: A close family member has come down with an intense case of ascites. In case you don't know what it is and don't want to read the link, ascites is a condition where the abdominal cavity fills up with large amounts of fluid. This fluid then pushes on the surrounding organs, making it difficult for things like digestion, blood flow, or even breathing. My family member is experiencing all aforementioned problems, and thanks to the discombobulated nature of American medicine, they are not faring very well. They've grown large enough around the middle that they can no longer bend over, and they can't even eat much food or else they will choke to death from their stomach pushing against their diaphragm. Add onto this the fact that the worst-case scenario for this ascites diagnosis is a 60% mortality rate cancer and liver failure, as well as an ineffectual hospital service that is spending several weeks analyzing a sample of the fluid that should've been done long ago, and you can see why my heart's not really into writing about the topics I said I would. That, and the fact that I've pretty much become my family member's chauffeur as they bounce between different testing facilities. Oh, and I'm still unemployed and can provide no financial support for them, so there's one more complication to this equation of life.

This is not a plea for attention or financial support, just a simple explanation of why I'm not going to be posting the work I said I was. Figured it was better than just waiting until April for another monthly update, where it might be more awkward if this was dumped casually on your laps. If you're the praying type, please do for my family member. I suspect things are going to get worse before they get better.

It's not a good sign that this is the song I've been listening to non-stop the past 24 hours

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