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Melody Song

A Bisexual Pegasus with a talent in writing and singing. I can also do magic-long story. Also, Luna is best Princess and the Wonderbolts are awesome. Change my mind, I dare you.

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  • Monday
    Father's Day

    Hero trotted into the Veterans Hall, heading towards the cemetery wing. Melody was behind him. He sighed, looking through the graves, before stopping at one. Melody put a wing around him. He sighed again, crouching down beside it. Melody sat beside him, kissing him gently on the cheek. He smiled, placing a silver bit on the grave.

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  • Sunday
    Father's Day

    Griff walked into his house, exhausted after a long night shift at work. "Kids! I'm home!"

    "Dad!" Ocellus rushed up to him, carrying a bag. Pharynx, Thorax, Apex, and Metamorphosis were behind her, Vespyr in Meta's hooves.

    Griff chuckled as his daughter hugged him, and hugged back. "What've you got there, Cellus?"

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  • Friday
    We Love You

    "Go on, get out of here!"

    "You disgusting freak!"

    "Go back to Applewood you beast!"

    "This isn't no circus, get out!"

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  • 1 week
    Top 5 Favorite Things About Griff and Hero

    Five things I absolutely love about my mijo and my boyfriend

    #1: Pouting

    You'd think it would be annoying but when these two do it it's the most adorable thing in the world, trust me.

    #2: Showing affection

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  • 2 weeks

    Moon Kakes, modeled after the Chinese pastries, Mooncakes. Thoughts?

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Posting This For Hero · 2:17am March 15th

Yeah, his blog is acting up so he can't post this, so I'm doing it for him at his request. Here you go:

A set of icy blue hooves quickly galloped through the metal hallways of the ship, a feminine whimper escaping the running mare’s muzzle. She soon slid to a halt, noticing the an orange husk on the floor, coagulating blood. She a hoof over her mouth, leaning down. Before she could get a good look at the corpse, she felt a dark presence behind her. Her eyes widened and she slowly turned her head.


A body collapsed.

Changeling: Isolation

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