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Give Me A Prompt And I'll Write It · 11:01pm March 13th

Short stories, probably not going to be more than a thousand words on their own, nothing gory or mature please.

I've got the whole day off so I'll try to knock off 10 of these today. :twilightsmile:

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The first time Big Mac brought Sugar Belle to the farmhouse, or the first time Pinkie Pie brought Cheese Sandwich to the Rock Farm. Your choice.

Rainbow Dash comes home from a long tour with the Wonderbolts.

Shortly following the events of To Where & Back Again, Pharynx and Thorax reunite for the first time since the latter ran away from the Hive.

Write a story that involves a burrito, a Thighmaster, glitter, and unaddressed mental illness. :pinkiehappy:

I'm curious with how Pinkie deals with pandemic quarantine

Discord gives Zephyr Breeze omnipotence for one day.

Cloud Chaser Versus the World

Cloud Chaser asks Rainbow Dash out on a date, but must first battle her seven evil siblings, including her unicorn sister. Rainbow Dash secretly helps out because this is bullshit, but it would hurt her siblings' feelings if she was open about it.

Rarity takes Pistachio to his first fashion event.

Three words: “Nightmare Limestone Pie.” Wherever it takes you. :heart:

Tirek is trying to keep his sanity intact in Tartarus after Cozy Glow joins him there.

Discord and Fluttershy's first Hearts and Hooves day.
One pegasus, one Draconeques, a romantic date and one meddling Pink Pony Princess... what could go wrong?
"Oh, dear..." - Fluttershy

The Ursa Major gets promoted to Ursa Lieutenant Colonel.

Twilight has an "oops" moment in the lab, Rarity ends up temporarily (and unknowingly) replacing 'darling' with some extreme profanity in her sentences.

Fluttershy, in her eternal quest to rehabilitate Zephyr Breeze, brings him to Twilight Sparkle so the new princess can get her mane done in proper style. Zeph naturally thinks his sister is trying to get him in tight with the new royal babe, and puts 'the moves' on a clueless Twilight, leading to general chaos. Discord quietly watches and takes notes.

Rainbow Dash (Pony) decides to start up a cover band of the Rainbooms, not realizing that none of her band members can play instruments, and somehow gets popular anyways.

Tirek and Chrysalis find themselves thawed out. They are somewhere in a room, locked up, with no one else. Unsure what's going to happen, they have a chance to talk for the first time after years of reflecting on their choices.

Something with giant robots

Something involving Fluttershy using her musical birds .

Derpy Hooves was the mastermind behind everything, for good and for ill.

Young adult Flurry Heart finding out she'll be an older sister soon. And thinking on, i.e. trying not to, all that had to happen for that to be the case.

Hardcore clop centered around a trigonometry fetish. (Said kinkster finds trig functions really sec-sy.)

Ponyville is very suddenly renamed to amsterdam.

Twilight turns the tables after her succession and constantly asks the sisters to solve her problems with villans

Pony on Earth, pony discovers some life-changing piece of kitchen equipment.

I was thinking a blender.


I'm not sure 1k words is enough to do it justice, but I like to shoehorn penguins into as many things as possible and King Charlatan exists so...

Huh, your prompt could at least help spread knowledge of his existence...

Fuck me, there are already a lot of ideas here.

Um, Instead of being turned to stone, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy reincarnate in G5 as Sunny, Izzy, and Hitch respectively.

Less a real prompt and more an interesting thought that comes to mind every now and then, but...

Interesting thing: In this officially licensed publication, changelings (including the original variety!) are listed as "Pony Type: Changeling" the same as other characters listed as "Pony Type: earth/unicorn/pegasus/alicorn/cyrstal earth", as opposed to simply "Type: buffalo/donkey/draconequus/griffon/minotaur/mule/yak/dragon/zebra".

Indicating that they *are* in fact a type of pony according to an officially licensed source.

One wonders how things would go for someone to point this out (for reasons, likely ones involving bugpony classic) to CelestAI, given the whole "must be a pony" thing...

One of the ponies who plays a pony character on TV (in your setting of the same) is inspired to do something better in their regular life by their character despite not normally being all that in tune with their character. Your choice whether they realize that is what happened.

"The story you are about to read is canon. The cutie marks have been changed to protect the franchise."

"It's simple, Twilight. Manehattan would like you solve a friendship problem it's having with Canterlot."

"I haven't gotten any kind of request from either the Mayor or the Lord Seneschal about civic conflict that requires mediation, Rarity..."

"No, dear. You wouldn't have. I didn't mention the government. Or anypony, really. Manehattan would like you to solve a friendship problem it's having with Canterlot."

"... you're going to have to walk me through this one slowly."

You know, I initially read "omnipotence" as "impotence." Not sure if that makes it funnier or not.

The entire series, the comics, and everything was just Derpy staring into a bubble.

Celestia terrorizes Luna with an old threat from their childhood : BROCCOLI

Do you have the day off because it's Pi Day?

  • Rarity discovers The Writer's Block, also known as The Writer's Cube. It is a large, metallic cube of mysterious origin.

When Twilight read the words “the stars will aid in her escape” she comes to the obvious conclusion: Equestrian celebrities are going to set NMM loose.

Here's one, possibly, taking inspiration from a number of places including elsewhere in these comments. Admittedly, it also reaches into the unknown territory of G5, but:
Sunny Starscout and her friends have done it! In the years since they reunited the tribes and rekindled the light of Harmony, magic, both friendship and literal (to the extent there's a difference) has returned to the land, and the bonds among the people have only grown. Equestria, it is clear, is entering a new golden age. Of course, this has also spurred greatly increased interest in the ancient past, known only from the few scattered relics and pieces of oral history that survived the Great Catastrophe and the dark age after, and with the resources of the unified state also bolstered, many new archaeological expeditions are being mounted to uncover more of the long-lost past, that its triumphs may be restored and its mistakes learned from. Of course, its difficult, given how thorough the destruction was, but sometimes digs still manage to turn up interesting things.
And surprising things.
Who's this "Star Power", and why does she look so much like Twilight Sparkle?

(Or, in other words: the hypothesis that G4 is a TV show within G5's world is, for this world, true -- but they don't know that. And, as a possible setting of the discovery, a new and genuine age of Harmony that, still in its early decades, discovers that it's accidentally modelled itself not on a lost golden age but on stories of an old children's television program that happened to be a large part of what made it through the mists of time and the smoke of apocalypse into legend. And then having to process and deal with that knowledge... or decide to cover it up. With the further potential setting detail of actually unlocking new magic while having thought they were restoring it.
Probably a lot of ways that concept could be used, but up to you what and how much, if any of it, you decide to spring off from here. :))

Rarity and AJ can both play the guitar.

I don't think that would even be possible in a world where this mare exists.

Changelings, Sirens and Windigo's have been in a shadow war for the ability to feed on Equestria, a pony discovers one of their battlegrounds.


This sounds like it would end up being a parody of Dunsany's "The Madness of Andelsprutz," which could be very good indeed.

That actually sounds more like a prompt for something reasonably long and epic.

Am I too late?

Unicorn Horns: Unicorns don't technically have horns. Like narwhals, they have a tooth that grows out of their heads.

Maybe unicorns can actually channel magic through all of their teeth, but don't because casting magic with your mouth wide open makes you look silly. Maybe unicorns go to the dentist for "horn" care, have to brush their horn, etc. Maybe this could be a sort of secret to non-unicorns, not because unicorns are trying to keep it a secret, but because unicorns assume it is common knowledge.

Good shit here

If these are still open for next time:
With Discord's help, Scootaloo is able to permanently fly.

I don't know if you are still accepting prompts but... Rarity (or Applejack for sheer irony) as a "Carmen Sandiego"-like Master Thief and Rainbow Dash as the detective trying (and failing) to catch her...

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