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Pharynx is best changeling. CHANGE MY MIND.

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    “Hey, hey, take it easy! You trying to disjoint my leg or something?”

    Thistle breathed heavily as she stopped dragging Blue Fang out of the restaurant, coming to a halt at a fountain. “Sorry… I think we’re finally a good distance.”

    “Alright, look, what’s the big idea? What do you have against Ky?”

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    If you know, you know

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    Bezier scurried behind a corner as the red eyed changeling trotted past her, through the hallways and stopping at one of the many doors lined along walls. She quietly watched knocked a few times. Within a few moments, it opened to reveal no one other than Snapdragon herself.

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  • Friday
    Decided to take a pic of the scenery

    Specifically at this lil’ gem:

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  • Friday

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Recap · 10:24pm March 11th

“So... what’s new?”

“Nothing really. Hive and Zenex vanished recently and we still can’t track them down.”

“Typical... what about Steel?”

“I... I dunno what he’s been doing really. I haven’t really talked to him in a while since that thing with the gun.”

“That’s understandable.”

“...Is it?”

“Well, yeah. I mean, he did a Steve Irwin impression, smacked you with a Bible, and held a gun to your head. You’re allowed to be upset about it because anyone would feel the same way.”

“But Melody said I was being petty. Maybe—”

“So what? That’s her problem. In fact, everything we’re currently dealing with? That’s all their problems!” *groaning and laying head against table*

“...You hate everyone, don’t you?”

“More than usual.”

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Phar enoughTM

Okay, fine, you weren't being petty. I'm sorry I called you petty

Will you both just cheer up, I don't like making my friends sad

And sorry if this sounds rushed, I'm angry at the moment *glares at Toast's meme* May I join you in your moping?

Eh, don’t bother. He’s busy doing other stuff

I will never get tired of that pun.
“Understandable. I know how it feels to be burned by a Minecraft joke.”

When in doubt, pull a Melody and defend out of favoritism.

Steel. Worry about uh, husbando or whatever

I don’t know whether to laugh or—

*Flops onto the table* There, I have joined you

“You’re laying on the donuts.”

*Gets up and throws squashed donuts away, then makes new ones appear* there

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