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Guess Who Just Became a Radiologist? · 3:11pm Mar 10th, 2021

Yep, this buggo!

I would like to thank the following (in alphabetical order):

  • chocolate, for generously sacrificing so much of itself for a greater cause;
  • computer games, for keeping me sane during the last five or so years;
  • crime novels, for all the nights I should have spent asleep;
  • Fimfiction, for inspiring me to discover a passion and talent I hadn't known I had;
  • mom and dad, for helping me with my very own brand-new apartment that I'm about to move into by the end of the week;
  • and last but not least: Thorax, for ALL THE HUGS!!! (And may there be many more!)
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Comments ( 12 )

Oh wow thats pretty awesome congrats 👏

Congrats, awesome possum!

Wishing you nothing but the best! 💖💖💖💖💖


Have some friendship cookies. :pinkiesmile:🍪🍪🍪


Congratulations!! glad you are achieving your goals even during these times...so time for more chocolate? hahaha

AWSOME!!! keep up the life-ing m8!
you're doing better than me... keep it, and you're chin, up!

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Thanks everyone! And yes, it's always time for more chocolate and cookies and such :pinkiehappy:

Omfg LOL. HI. Of course you want the cookies...


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