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State of the Author, Chaos Edition · 1:14am March 9th

Why is this called Chaos Edition? Because that's what my life has been like lately, to say the least.

At the end of January, I had a flurry of interviews with several companies to try and find a job. By the beginning of February, one extended an offer to me, which I readily accepted. This, of course, meant that the entirety of February was more or less derailed by me squaring away my living accommodations and getting set to move two states away to take the job. By the end of February, I moved to Virginia, and have spent the past week since then getting settled into my new apartment. Today, I had my first day on the job as part of a week-long virtual orientation.

Ain't life fun?

That explains why I haven't done much on this site or communicated with people outside of my Discord server since the New Year, and I why haven't made any sort of self-congratulatory announcement about the fact that I finally crossed that magical threshold of 1000 followers (well, I guess except for now, I suppose!). So first off, I just wanted to thank all 1004 of you (at the moment of writing this) for following me over the past 8 and a half years. You've really made it a magical ride, and It reminds me why I'm still here writing stories about tiny little horses either kissing each other or (more likely) killing each other with reckless frenzy. Which brings me to my next topic...

I finally wrote a new story! It is absolutely insane to me that the last story I wrote was over a year ago in the beginning of March 2020, a story I wrote for a contest that I did quite well in. But ever since I wrote The Music of the Reef, I really struggled to get any kind of coherent and completed story onto this site. Oh, sure, I've been updating my CYOA story throughout this whole time, but while I was doing that, I must have started and abandoned at least 6 other stories. Well, maybe 5. One has been on hiatus, and I do hope a burst of inspiration soon will allow me to crank out the final 5000 words or so that would complete it. Oh, and TTM3 still needs to be written in its entirety...

But today, I come bearing gifts: I have finally written a story about Daybreaker, the mostest powerful and prettiest alicorn that has ever (not) existed in Equestria. And, considering that I'm a writer for the Hearts of Iron 4 mod, Equestria at War, I of course set it in that wonderful setting. A lot of love went into making this story, and I think it really rekindled my love for writing fanfiction again. I'm hoping that it's the start of further productivity from me. It'd be great for all of us, wouldn't it?

TThe Break of Day
Princess Celestia has done everything she can to save Equestria from the Changeling Lands. Everything, except taking that final step... [An Equestria at War story]
The 24th Pegasus · 15k words  ·  216  13 · 2.5k views

So yeah! Go and give that a read if that's your thing. I think you'll like it; it's what you people follow me for, right? And here's hoping that it does well, and the success continues to drive my engagement with the site and with you all. The dark days of 2020 are finally losing their grip on us, and a much brighter 2021 I feel will be great for my mood and ambitions on this site. Having stability afforded me by my new job and an apartment to call my own (no more living in my parents' basement like a gremlin, hooray!) should do wonders for my writing schedule.

Thank you all again for pushing me over 1000 followers and for continuing to read my (sparsely expanded) works! I can't wait to see what comes in the next few months!

Ante Legionem nihil erat, et nihil erit post Legionem

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Author Interviewer

Daybreaker, the mostest powerful and prettiest alicorn that has ever (not) existed in Equestria.

ye :3

Congratulations, you got what you were looking for!

... I had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Ah, well I'll just say welcome to Virginia! I quite like it here, hope you do too! Don't suppose you're in the New River Valley area?

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