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Writing Challenge: Mykan's Starfleet Ponies vs. Warhammer 40K · 3:24am March 8th

This is not something that is being used to get Mykan pissed off, as everything seems to get him angry anyways. This is a honest challenge.

As Mykan tells us, Starfleet will always win against all enemies. but what if they have to face enemies that are not like those they faced? A whole Galaxy that is heartless, cruel and deadly to all sentient life, where an Empire seeks to conquer the universe in the name of a corpse-god. Where Greenskined barbarians go on the war path and extra-galactic hordes seek to devour all biomass.

For in the Grim Dark of the 41st Millennium, there is only WAR!!!!!

Yep, talking about Warhammer 40k

The Challenge: Write a story, be it a short story or Novel style, in which Mykan's Starfleet faces of against one of the fractions and races of the universe of Warhammer 40K. It doesn't matter if you have Lightning Dawn face off against Chaos Space Marines or The Tau or even The Orks. Just make it a good story. perhaps have Kitten go Berserk on Starfleet......

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