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  • 13 weeks
    Slave of the Sun

    Yes. I made a new story. I know, you all are wondering about Blueblood's Ascension chapter. Don't worry, I'm gonna try and post it tomorrow. Anyway this story is actually based of a picture , a really beautiful picture of Celestia, honestly I think the updates on this one is going to be irregular but if you have the time please read and if you enjoy it put thumbs up. I actually want this story to

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  • 15 weeks
    My first Completed Story !

    I have done it ! Loose Ends has been completed and it is all because of you readers who read my book and gave me the will to finish what I started. I am deeply grateful. Thanks a bunch !

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  • 15 weeks
    Home stretch...

    Hi fellow ponies

    I know its been a while but I'm back. I kinda took a two week break from updating Loose ends but this week I'm wrapping it up. So here is the second last chapter ( or should I say penultimate ?). Hope you enjoy, because next week will be continuing with Bluebloods Ascension.

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  • 26 weeks
    A new story!

    Fellow ponies

    i just published a new story that will be centred around Gen 5.it is also the sequel to Bluebloods acension.

    okay...i know i did not complete Bluebloods Ascension but i had to...the idea was stuck in my head and i had to write it down...but do not worry the next update for Bluebloods story is coming soon...

    i hope you all have a good day/night

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  • 27 weeks
    Back to writing!...(sort of)

    Hi, my fellow ponies.

    If you had seen my last blog,I said that I will continue Blueblood's Ascension in March or worst case scenario in June.But I have decided to do a small prequel in my spare time,titled The Last Day.You do not need to read Blueblood's Ascension to enjoy this but please do and check my other story , if it is worthy of your time,like it!.

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Whats your thought on gen 5? · 4:00pm March 5th

Hi fellow bronies

I was wondering about how you all feel about gen 5.I have seen mixed reactions (on Equestria daily and fimfiction),personally i'm excited but hey its what i think....now be good ponies and comment on your opinions!

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What I think of gen 5 when I first heard about it I was a bit conflicted but then became excited just hearing the rumors and what not before I joined fimfiction

As I kept hearing all about Gen 5 my first thoughts after hearing it was a form of suppose reboot of the original MLP series would of bin fine and hearing new voice actors etc

But then I saw the leaks and etc after the following mount for me it was some what silent now hear 2021 seeing the newer characters and equestria in a different spot light hit a lot of red flags for me I did not like it at first the idea that friend Ship does not exist anymore and instead paranoia and distrust is the new thing and races being separated I kinda felt like .... This generation pony's would just fail buuuuutt when I started to see the new characters maybe a small peace of hope came a small spark of silver light in between the tunnels of the vast darkness

I'll end it hear

My hopes for this movie it will shine a new light on what happened in all those years after the final season and if equestria can be taught freindShip again

Yup beside that I'll just wait and see this movie I'm trying to watch all of MLP FiM before the movie comes out at some point ..

I think its cute. That's all.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing what Gen 5 brings us. I'm not too far from finishing FIM on Netflix and I want to catch up before the new movie comes out. I've heard different rumors on how far into the future from G4 it takes place. I'm imagining maybe a generation of ponies has come and gone between G4 and G5. I don't think it would be in the far distant future, but that's what I think since there's not enough evidence to narrow the time frame.

I do think it's possible for G5 to lose sight of friendship since G4. Our world has up's and down's and sometimes we get along and other times we fight. It just takes that one group of friends to remind everyone of the magic of Friendship.

I am curious to know who or what led to this division among the ponies.

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