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    Chapter 10: This Is Me Trying

    The new version of chapter 10 of The Soul's Savior is live!


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Update · 5:30am March 5th

Hey y'all. Sorry for the silence.

So basically, what happened? Nothing, really. Just needed a break. Sometimes the world feels overwhelming and just too much, and I need to take awhile to reboot myself, basically. Nothing in particular set me off, it just sorta... happened. It felt like I was being closed in from all sides by something I couldn't see. Like I was stuck on an out of control train and didn't know where the end of the tracks was.

So I just needed to take time to relax. Find things to enjoy. Writing is fun, but also pretty stressful. I couldn't write properly in that mindset. So I just did anything else. I played a few video games. Watched a few movies. And I think I'm mostly back to normal. Dunno when I'll get back to writing but it'll be soon, I promise.

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