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    5 years later (And some updates too)

    5 years later, the prologue of my FusionFall concept is complete.
    Precisely 5 of those years was me doing f#ck all.
    Nah, that's a lie, it's just been VERY BUSY! :ajsleepy:

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    So, my phone just locked me out of it.

    I changed my password recently and forgot I changed it, as well as what I changed it to.
    Currently, my only option is to use my Apple ID to reset my iPhone, but I forgot my password to THAT as well.
    Now I have to wait 4 days just to get my phone fixed.

    I love my life, I swear...

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    Greetings, agents. Doc here. I have recently learned about the phenomenon known as "Tulpas". Now, I have done a bit of research on them. A Tulpa is a sentient being that is created in your head that you can talk to and interact with. Like an imaginary friend. When I first heard about Tulpas, I immediately jumped to Bing Bong from Inside Out. Then, earlier today, I was talking with some buddies of

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5 years later (And some updates too) · 1:00am March 4th

5 years later, the prologue of my FusionFall concept is complete.
Precisely 5 of those years was me doing f#ck all.
Nah, that's a lie, it's just been VERY BUSY! :ajsleepy:

So, first of all, the obligatory "I'm not dead", just been very busy. High School ended, I got a job, FusionFall Retro died and Legacy was aborted literally a MONTH before the first demo released which really killed my enthusiasm for starting the story. But, now I know OpenFusion is a thing and I'm getting back into the swing of things. :pinkiehappy:

In terms of consistency in writing, the simple fact is there is none. If you're expecting an update every week, don't keep your hopes up because often times I come home after a long day's work and CRASH! I update when I finish a chapter, and I finish a chapter when I finish it. :ajbemused:

In terms of the story, here's a little sneak preview about how it's going to work: I'm going to try and incorporate every square of the map as a chapter, whether that be a good or bad thing is up to subjectives, of course converting each area to be pony themed. :twilightsheepish:
On top of that, I decided to exclude Nanos' multiple abilities, because they'd cause even more complexity when I'm already juggling between aspects of life. Each Nano only gets one.
I'll also be taking a few liberties with the story. Nothing too drastic, just some small changes here and there.

And that's about it for right now. Until next transmission. -Dr. Tex :rainbowdetermined2:

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