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Song Suggestions · 1:36am March 2nd

For those of you who know my writing style I often incorporate songs into my writing but I'll need to tweak lyrics so I don't get slapped by copyright. I need an ideal song for a wedding and the reception afterwards. The one song I have right now in mind to rework is I'm in Love by Neyo. If you have any suggestions or ideas for how the wedding and reception should go, let me know.

i am juggling with the idea of a villain trying to crash the party but I haven't totally figured out if i wanna do that just yet and I don't know what villain I would use or if I would just make a new one entirely.

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Maybe “love is in bloom“?

thats a bit too obvious for my taste. wanna challenge myself

oooooh. good call on that one.

"I love you too much" - Book of Life
"Love Like You" - Steven Universe
"Spring Break Anthem" - The Lonely Island
"I Was Born To Love You" - Queen
"First Date" - Ninja Sex Party
"Ludicrous Heart" - Asylum Street Spankers
Just to suggest a few.

About the crashing, new villains often feels out of place. How about a good intended crashing, because the "villain" things the party is to tame and needs a bit more oomph.

I could vibe with that. Maybe the dazzlings or someone crashes the party. Hell maybe even an sunsets mom could. That would be fun

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