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  • 14 weeks
    Slave of the Sun

    Yes. I made a new story. I know, you all are wondering about Blueblood's Ascension chapter. Don't worry, I'm gonna try and post it tomorrow. Anyway this story is actually based of a picture , a really beautiful picture of Celestia, honestly I think the updates on this one is going to be irregular but if you have the time please read and if you enjoy it put thumbs up. I actually want this story to

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  • 16 weeks
    My first Completed Story !

    I have done it ! Loose Ends has been completed and it is all because of you readers who read my book and gave me the will to finish what I started. I am deeply grateful. Thanks a bunch !

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  • 16 weeks
    Home stretch...

    Hi fellow ponies

    I know its been a while but I'm back. I kinda took a two week break from updating Loose ends but this week I'm wrapping it up. So here is the second last chapter ( or should I say penultimate ?). Hope you enjoy, because next week will be continuing with Bluebloods Ascension.

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  • 28 weeks
    A new story!

    Fellow ponies

    i just published a new story that will be centred around Gen 5.it is also the sequel to Bluebloods acension.

    okay...i know i did not complete Bluebloods Ascension but i had to...the idea was stuck in my head and i had to write it down...but do not worry the next update for Bluebloods story is coming soon...

    i hope you all have a good day/night

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  • 28 weeks
    Back to writing!...(sort of)

    Hi, my fellow ponies.

    If you had seen my last blog,I said that I will continue Blueblood's Ascension in March or worst case scenario in June.But I have decided to do a small prequel in my spare time,titled The Last Day.You do not need to read Blueblood's Ascension to enjoy this but please do and check my other story , if it is worthy of your time,like it!.

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Another theory on GEN 5 · 7:10pm March 1st

Hi fellow bronies.Hope you all having a wonderful day/night (its night time in SA😊).So i have seen a lot of theories and reasons on why there's no wendigos in Gen 5 since there's apparently mistrust between the tribes.

A popular theory I found (I think on Equestria daily or somewhere on fimfiction) is that gen 4 was not real but rather as story figures for foals or something to that extent.

Well I have a theory (this was the whole point why im writing!).You see,since equestria no longer has magic, according to the synopsis of the movie,automatically mean the wendigos got wiped out because their whole body literally consists of magic! But that gives rise to other complications....


If my theory is correct(which you must take with a pinch of salt) it means alicorns automatically don't have their immortality anymore.This could explain why Equestria is divided because twilight is not present(she passed on).But this means then magic disappeared when twilight was still a princess.

so this is what cooked up guys and gals.its not fact! just hay for thought(does that even make any sense?).

p.s if there's no magic then who raises the sun and moon?

Another p.s here is the link from equestria daily...read it.It's quite enjoyable....https://www.equestriadaily.com/2021/02/editorial-possible-era-setting-for.html

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Well I think as all things in the world balance them self out think of our world on earth we have the sun and moon so pretty much it must have a day and night cycle now

As for the idea that gen 4 is actually a story to tell the foals that would be a huge twist but what I think is that it did all happen but it was made a story a legend a myth like how things are here on earth my theory is for twilight and other alicorns are some where safe and not really in equestria or as you said they have passed on who no's :/

All will be shown once the movie is out

eeyup...totally agree with you.im just trying to get all of these theories out of my head.

Comment posted by MrAnonn deleted March 1st

geez so uptight!🤣🤣🤣.dont worry bro i really actually meant that i want to take all the theories out off my head.

Comment posted by MrAnonn deleted March 1st
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