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Wedding/Marriage Ideas · 3:18am March 1st

Since I have decided to do Twilight and Sunset's marriage and honeymoon I am gonna need ideas and suggestions. I have a couple in mind and have a general idea how I want the wedding itself to go as a whole. I plan to break this up into phases.

Phase 1: Proposal

Phase 2: Bachelorette Party (Erotic)

Phase 3: Wedding Day

Phase 4: Wedding Night(Erotic)

Phase 5: Honeymoon (Wholesome/Erotic)

Phase 6: Starting a family

Phase 7: Giving Birth & Parenthood

Comments ( 12 )

hesitant abotu phase 7

That seems like a solid plan. I'm assuming these are chapter ideas, or more just story based ideas?

Depends how i plan on breaking things up. I might break this into two stories. One part for the proposal and wedding and the other part for them getting ready to have children and a family

I think a good idea for phase seven is that Sunset and Sci-Twi use magically means to get pregnant. Whichever one of them has the baby is your call.

Have few ideas, most are pretty obvious, though:

P1: For the wedding ring Sunset could use a gem from Equestria- dug and polished by her own hands/hooves/horn.

P2: Question is, are they having one or two parties for the lucky girls? And I suggest using more 'exotic' dancers like kirin (Autumn Blaze) or Hippogriffs (Skystar) for example.

P3: For starters Rarity made the dresses (and maybe tux for Sunset), it's an absolute must. Cadence could be the organizer, not sure if Flurry exist yet or how old she would be. And guest Princess Twi and Celestia as guests of honor though not best mares, That's Humane 7.

P6: With Twilight's brain and Sunset's... everything they probably have a good, rich life, like owning a company or something. Agree with Eddy below. Magical means to get pregnant. And a conversation going more or less this:

"So your Wife is pregnant?"




"I cant believe Im asking this but... do you like, change your whole body or just, ekhem, grow extra parts?"

"Both. Depends on how we feel, but most of the time I grow so we won't miss anything."

Now question like would have been asked by Dash, but AJ might interested because... reasons.:twilightoops:

P7: Exhausting, no doubt, but they have lots of aunts to spoild the little bundle of joy.

For the parties it would be two seperate ones. Sunset would have her's in the human world and Sci-Twi would take a little trip to Equestria. At least thats one idea I had.

The other idea would be that the Humane 6 plan Sunset's party and they have Adagio as the exotic Dancer meanwhile The Shadowbolts plan for Twilight's and they have either the human version of Sunset or Trixie for her party.

As for their life plan I have a couple of ideas to throw around, by this point Twilight is out of college and is on the path to becoming an accomplished scientist dedicated to broadening the worlds understanding of magic and to help integrate it into modern society with Sunset by her side.

Lastly in terms of the children(yes plural) I plan on one of them being naturally born and the other will be a byproduct of magic and science

Maybe for the Bachelorette Party sunset could meet her mother like she did in a past story of yours.

Now that would be fun, Sunset's mom getting to know her daughter at her Bachelorette party lol

I could almost picture that old scene where sunset has to sit and watch as her friends tell her mother all sorts of embarrassing stories! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜„

Also whatโ€™s a Bachelorette Party?

I would suggest, for the bachelorette, Twilight would surprise Sunset as one of the "dancers". At first, Sunset would not recognize it is Twilight because they are wearing a mask and she would never expect Twily to do such things. Little did she know, Twilight is being assisted by Midnight Sparkle in order to be more daring, sexy and *ahem* wild:raritywink:.

Sunset's party could be accompanied by her other friends such as applejack, and rainbow dash

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