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Is it wrong to think Cadence is best princess? Is it wrong to think Feather Bangs is best pony? I certainly don't think so.

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MLP Fighting Game Intros and Clashes: Twilight Edition · 12:46am March 1st

If MLP was made into a fighting game, how would the characters interact before for during combat? This is based on dialogues from the Mortal Kombat and Injustice 2 games:

For this edition, it’s about Twilight interacting with other characters before the fight or during clashes:

Twilight vs. Twilight
Twilight 1: Another me?! This must involve multiverse theory!
Twilight 2: I must study you...I mean me!
Twilight 1: Do I really sound that nerdy?
Twilight 1: I've gathered so much data!
Twilight 2: *squeal* Me too!

Twilight vs. Celestia
T: What is it, Princess Celestia?
C: I want to see how much you’ve learned, Twilight.
T: Then allow me to demonstrate!
T: Are you proud, Princess?
C: You have come such a long way.

Twilight vs. Pinkie
T: Do you need something, Pinkie?
P: I want to test out my new party canons!
T: Oh no, not again!
T: I’m having fun, Pinkie!
P: Nuh uh, I’m having more fun!

Twilight vs. Rainbow
T: Are we up for another flying lesson?
R: Yeah, aerial combat!
T: I better get my highlighters!
T: I’m 20% intelligent!
R: You’ve ruined it!

Twilight vs. Rarity
T: Are you sure you want to fight, Rarity?
R: A proper mare must be ready for battle.
T: Then don’t cry if I ruin your manes.
T: No hard feelings, Rarity?
R: None taken, Darling.

Twilight vs. Applejack
T: Thanks for training with me, Applejack!
AJ: No problem, I could use a good workout.
T: I’ll try not to fry you again.
T: How can you hold out against my magic?!
AJ: It’s all in my hooves, sugarcube.

Twilight vs. Fluttershy
T: I’m just gathering data, Fluttershy.
F: I do hope my efforts will be enough.
T: Note to self: Use pillow and cushion spells.
T: We can stop if you want to.
F: I can keep going.

Twilight vs. Chrysalis
T: I won’t let you win, Chrysalis!
CH: You’re powerless without your friends!
T: The bonds of my friends will stop you!
T: This will end, Chrysalis!
CH: Go ahead and try!

Twilight vs. Spike
T: Is this about wiping Rarity’s kiss off of you?
SP: I’m just training to become a stronger dragon.
T: Okay, but I won’t hold back.
T: Don’t push yourself too much.
SP: I’m doing fine!

Twilight vs. Shining Armor
T: Are you ready for some sparring, BBBFF?
SH: Don’t forget I had more combat training.
T: You have your strengths and I have mine.
T: I will be Sibling Supreme!
C: Keep dreaming, Twily!

Twilight vs. Cadence
T: Do we need to fight to spend time together?
CD: It will be fine, Twilight.
T: I almost burned that park from our last fight.
T: You’re really good, Cadence!
CD: Who foalsat you?

Twilight vs. Luna
T: This reminds me of when we first fought.
L: The difference was that I wanted to destroy you.
T: Um, do you still feel that urge?
T: Can you teach me to enter dreams?
L: Only if you win.

That is all I can think of for Twilight’s dialogues. If you have any additional dialogue ideas, feel free to leave it down in the comment section. You can also include dialogue for other characters if you can think of any.

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