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I made an Equestria world on AI Dungeon · 1:48pm February 28th

Equestria is a magical, colourful land where ponies live in harmony. After many years of peace, the kingdom is divided when its co-ruler, Princess Luna, tries to take over from her sister, Celestia.

(Funny story: originally this was just going to be about doing stuff in Equestria with no real plot, but then AI Dungeon generated a really interesting description for the Equestrians faction.)

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Comments ( 4 )

I like this a lot.

It looks like something out of Dungeons and Dragon, and that's awesome. :scootangel:

The link didn’t work for me

Oh. Mauve I didn't publish it?

When I click it, it tries to load something but then decided to boot me to the homepage before I can interact with it.

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