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Poppin' In to Ramble · 4:56am February 27th

Subjects include a certain two-parter comic involving a certain ship, G5, and some stuff from my life.

And so, CheesePie officially begins in the comics. It is still really bizarre to think of my pony OTP being canon, but darn it, I'm still delighted.

I love how at the beginning, when Pinkie just kept mentioning Cheese, Twilight just knew there was something going on there and immediately arranged for Cheese to come. She ships it.

Anyway, it's nice to see all the little things they're bonding over--planning the festival together, making stupid puns, splashing water at each other, going on a weird caving expedition that brought underground sound-eating plants to the surface, and the laughter at the end that defeated said sound-eating plants. These two goofballs are adorable, and I do hope that their relationship is expanded upon through the comics.

Interesting to note that Cheese is a little hard on himself for the moss thing, though given the comic's length, we didn't dwell on it too much. Still, I have played with the idea before where he's pretty hard on himself if something goes wrong in a party or other thing he's planning (I've got a couple instances in Brotherly Bonding Time--though given some of the disasters that happened, anybody would be upset that that happened under their watch).

Overall, it was cute.

So, now that we've got info on G5... can't say I'm really looking forward to it?

I dunno, calling your central character an "activist" is very much a way to put me off, because, well, I find those kinds of characters annoying. And the implications of a divided Equestria after G4 kind of rub me the wrong way. And I'm not sure I like the artstyle, and I'm honestly sick to death of CGI.

But, yanno, nobody really expected FIM to take off the way it did, so maybe the new generation has some good writing behind it? I guess we'll see.

Anyway, news from the home front since Christmas:

~ Since we don't have enough space for five guinea pigs (since, well, babies grow up), we decided to split the guinea pigs by gender and find the boys a new home while we keep the girls. So, sadly, I don't have Cookie (the father) and Tater (one of the babies) anymore. Meadow's now the boss piggie (she's doing the "I'm the boss" rumble; well, she is the mom), and Peaches and Cream are growing really fast. All the girls in my family just love to hold the latter two, and sometimes my mom or one of my sisters would randomly walk in, holding a piggie.

~ Rambo has made a full recovery after the dog attack, though he's still as skittish as ever.

~ We were exploring a country store the other day, and we found some interesting stuff like egg bouncy balls (which we thought would be a great April Fools' prank so I bought one), dirt-scented soap (there were other scents of that brand, but that stuck out to us), a zombie apocalypse aisle (just survival stuff but the name was funny), spandex leotards for sheep, and other stuff. There was a bunch of stuff that made me want to return to shop for a Father's Day present.

Anyway, that's all for now.

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Good to hear from you! About to read those comics myself for review purposes. And G5 is definitely still in the "Too early to tell" stages.

Also, the sheep leotards have me imagining Applejack leading a farm-wide yoga class, and I'm not sure what to do with that mental image. :applejackconfused:

Oh shit, cheese pie in the comics I’ll have to check it out

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