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A Sign of Hope: Kirin and The Soldier · 12:31am Feb 24th, 2021

This was a Commission for Calex Winteridge. The request was to have his soldier OC Adrien in an Asian mountain range, along side him would be Autumn Blaze and Rain Shine. Calex requested that Adrien was supposed to be guided to a location where the Kirin knew of an item that seemingly belonged to the soldier and now knowing him they wanted to show him this item. High atop the Asian mountain range they find the remains of an An american flag and torn not far away his units flag, it seemed as if the item had been ripped out of the ground during a rough storm and yet the shine from the top of the pole seemed to be a becon for the old soldier, a sign that maybe home may not be so far after all... maybe one day he may get to see it again.

I really loved getting to draw this for Calex Winteridge; his OC Adrien was very interesting and I love the chance to draw camo when I can, and I'm finding I like to draw Kirin more and more these days. Calex was a very understanding client and I would gladly work with him again. Thank you for the great opportunity and I hope you may visit me again for any drawing needs, Cheers!:ajsmug:

I'd love to hear what you guys think, as always, comments and advice welcome

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