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  • Today
    Just now finished the first Avengers movie

    I think I’m gonna watch all the Spider-Man movies next, and then move on to all the extras like Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, Green Lantern, Ant Man and Captain Marvel.

    Also Wanda-Vision.

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  • Today

    Griff barged into the Hive apartment, and already he felt as if he were about to be reduced to goop on the spot.

    "Blech!" he gasped and knelt down, retching as he threw up on the floor.

    "Dad!" Thorax rushed over, helping him up. "What happened...?"

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  • Today

    "Ow! Ow!"

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  • Thursday
    Finally watching the Avenger movie

    By the way I’m binging this all the way up to Infinity War and Endgame. So I guess this means Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy too!!


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  • Thursday

    MadHype sighed as he stared into the distance. Griff pounded his hoof on the table.

    "Uh, hello? Wanna place an order and quit bein' such a nut?"

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Break In · 2:13pm February 23rd

Spear grinned as the creatures gathered around him at the Friendship School. “Oh, y’know, I’m just glad to be here and-“

He sniffed for a second. He smelled Tempura. His Tempura.

“Uhhhh, brb.”

Spear busted into the girls’ locker room. Ocellus shrieked in shock, and so did her students. “Who in here?! Clear it out!!

“Spear, what the hell are you doing?!”

*shotgun cocking noises* “Butt naked, hooves on the—

”Now what did we learn?”

Spear grumbled as he rubbed the red hoof mark on his face. ”Hmph...”

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I havn't heard something like that since I dared one of my friends to go into thr forbidden zone: the girsl locker room

”Aren’t you supposed to be white knighting for him or something?”

I am. *gives plate of cookies then walks over to Spear*

*confused crying* “I just wanted my tempura...”

and that time we got stuck in the boys locker room and somebody turned the lights off, I swear ima punch that kid who said "bravo-six, going dark". what made it worse was that the only light we had was the exit sign which glowed red, I got some alien isolation vibes going on in there

”Holy balls.”

"have you had any stories (besides what just happened)"

”...none but this one, unfortunately...”

*Gives some tempura*

"you're lucky, if it was other girls they would have betten you into a pulp"

Remember, use flash and smoke grenades when breaking into a room.

Also I knew I shouldn't have given you that Ocellus Tempura. Had a gut feeling that something would've happened from that.



Long story short, I've lost all morals and I eat my friends, among other creatures. Steel is a carnivorous shark. We have lunch together sometimes and I share. :)

”We have yet to see what I taste like.”


Honestly, not as good as you think. But that was the basic way. Have yet to throw buffalo sauce on your wings or anything like that.

”What about barbecue? I like barbecue.”

Eh, he had it coming

Maybe, maybe. But the issue is all the salt water you're constantly bathing in. You've got the body structure and parts of a normal pony but the lifestyle of a seapony. The salt in the water gives the meat a very salty taste to it, and is tougher due to the amount of swimming you do.

”Heheh, stronk boi.”

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