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    Howdy howdy~

    Derply here with another Poisoned Update! This time we have Entry 10, Bridle Gossip! I've been eagerly waiting to get to this episode for a while now, and I've got some really fun stuff planned for it! I can't wait to share it with you ^_^

    In the meantime, here's how much progress I've made on it so far since the last time I've spoken with ya'll!

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    That having been said, here we goooooo:

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    Howdy howdy~

    Derply here with a quick update! The next three chapters of The Poisoned Barb's Tale shall be releasing Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of this coming week...

    … That's it. That's the whole update.

    See you then!

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Poisoned Update (Entry 9) · 4:53pm February 21st

Howdy howdy~

Derply here, bringing you a towards-the-end-of-the-month status update on the next entry of The Poisoned Barb's Tale!

Progress has been slow the last month due to... (spins wheel of excuses)... general life stuff... But things HAVE been progressing!

Here's where Entry 9, Look Before You Sleep, is right now. Spoiler warning only because it'll reveal the name change for the episode, though personally I don't consider that much of one:

... Admittedly, each one of these are still kinda on the thin side :twilightblush: Gonna need to feed them a few vegetables first in order for them to grow all big and healthy. Honestly Part 1 and Part 3 could MAYBE eat their neighbors to get up to the usual 6k average, but pacing-wise it felt more appropriate to end them all where they're currently at. I tend to do day-to-day updates when I go about this kind of approach in order to avoid long stretches of cliffhangers, but Entry 9 feels more like a "update twice a week for an entire month" kind of Entry... The "daily updates for a week" approach SEEMS to be the more popular of the two, true, but I sadly can't keep up that kind of work ethic for long.

The woes of being a (fanfiction) author :moustache:

Now, if you were kind enough to sit through that wall of text to reach the end, I have ANOTHER update to give you too! This isn't going to be something that'll be released into the wild for another year at least, I'm afraid, but...

(Sung to the Tune of Secret Tunnel) Secret Projeeeeect~ Secret Projeeecct~

Thank you as always for putting up with my nonsense :twilightsmile:

Have a lovely day now!

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Author Interviewer

You can spoiler tag entire images. o.o I don't know why I never thought of that.

You can ALWAYS expect next-gen Fimfic strats right here on the Derply blog :rainbowdetermined2:

Tune in next time where I'll show you all how to Speedrun a 1.M word epic in under two minutes! (Spoiler alert, you just click the button that says "read" :derpytongue2:)

The overarching plot is slowly revealing itself, everything is soon to come together, with this spoiler I now know the course the present will take.

Wait a second. Are seers just people that hovered over the spoiler tags on their own story? That's messed up. They're ruining the story for everyone else when they make prophecies!

Lol, basically... Though, with the ever shifting nature of the future, sometimes their prophecies come out more like "My uncle from Nintendo said Super Mario 128 will be released on the virtual boy by Christmas." :rainbowlaugh:

Ho ho hoo! Living the dream, I see!

I don't know what else to say, except that if you ever want any awkward, trying words... OR want some talk about philosophy or semantics.......

REMEMBER you are kinda cool in some internet-punk's eyes.

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