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The Last Chapter of "Dibs on My Sister" Has Been Edited · 2:40am February 21st

Before I talk about the edits, I have a couple of facts for you. This story peaked at number 1 featured story for a short period of time between 1 and 2 PM and 3 PM-4 PM US Central Time on 2/19/21. The second is that this story has accrued more upvotes than any other story I have posted since 15th September 2015. How long ago was that? Let me give you a list to help me explain:

- The United States president was Barack Hussein Obama. :twilightoops:
- My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic had just concluded the 5th year of its run. :twilightoops:
- Kirin did not exist yet. :rainbowwild:
- Demon Eyes Laharl was still active on fimfiction.net :twilightoops:
- Clopficsinthecomments didn't exist :twilightoops:
- Thestral lore only barely existed and was laughably inadaquate. I was pretty much known for human on pony clopfiction at this point and only that.
- The first three chapters of Before The Storm: The Rise of Firefly had been posted not two months previous. (Awesome story, check it out if you like ponies at war and sweeping epic fantasy! :pinkiehappy:)

A very long time ago indeed.

Now for the news. Dibs on My Sister has had about 800 words tacked on to the conversation between Roseluck and Europa in chapter three. Why? A couple of readers commented that it felt like Roseluck resolved her plot-related issues I'm not spoiling too quickly and after chewing on this for a while, I agreed it was for the best to make a fix. I've also decided to link this story to Don't Feed The Bats because this story was always intended to be the sequel to that one: same continuity, two of the same characters β€” it's canon, bro. Trust me. Why didn't I link them before? Because the feature box is one huge metagame where the idea is to get as many clicks as possible in the hopes they'll stay so the objective is to give them as few reasons to overlook your story as possible, but I think I covered all of that in my previous blog.

So if you're reading this and you hit favorite on Dibs, go check out Don't Feed the Bats to go read Roseluck and Europa's backstory. And if you thought chapter three came up short, do me a solid, read it again and comment if you thought it was an improvement or not.

One last bit to go over, the contest. March 1rst is the deadline so I'll report back on how I did in the February Found Out contest but I suspect I'll, at the very least, achieve a spot somewhere in the top 5 who are getting awarded something. I'm sure the bats will appreciate the fruit and wildlife-safe netting donations such funds could purchase. We'll see.

Go read Before The Storm and comment on that too! It has my version of Thestrals in it!

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If I gave a thestral a bath I'd need earplugs if it's gonna scream that loud [I've got a good imagination]

I very much appreciate the shout-out to Before the Storm! One other thing you should mention in that list is that bat-ponies had not become a major thing with you yet!

I can't say congratulations enough for writing this, playing the meta game and figuring out how to make it not only feature, but shoot all the way up to #1. You're at 150 likes now, and by the standards of the current site, that's outstanding. A sequel is very much called for, and I look forward to getting to edit it! :rainbowwild:

I am going to add that with one caveat; the AJA Thestral loreβ„’ did actually exist in some form back in September of 2015 in the form of G4M: AGP Chapter 4 "Forest Chase" β€” a 3851-word chapter one which only a slice of it was dedicated to fleshing them out as a race. I don't think their nation even had a name yet. There were no Highborn or Lightborn, no Juniper Neptune, no wine industry, no Carpathian mountain heritage, no Callisto's Call, no name themes, no talking to animals...

Basically, the 2015 canon for thestrals were a few corrugated steel shacks, straight out of the Fallout series hidden in the woods. Their military tactics were described as pike and shot using crossbows and spears β€” a tactic so ridiculous, you actually tore it to pieces in the pages of Before The Storm by demonstrating how that would go in real life.

Ahh, those were the days!

We'll get a sequel! I just need to put together enough story to justify the sex.

I felt exceptionally bad when my little one-shot "The Pony Way" overtook your story in the featured box. :pinkiesad2: You've done real great work.

Aww, I didn't take it personally! I'm hyper-aware of the meta behind the feature box and how long stories are often overshadowed by shorter ones due to reader's preferences for shorter stories. Indeed, were it not for my clicktastic cover art, and initial hesitation to link that story to Don't Feed The Bats as a sequel (which, in honesty it is), the site as a whole would have blissfully ignored my story altogether as "too long; didn't read". At least you gave Roseluck a good time. I appreciate everyone who's ever written Roseluck engaging in loving, mutually affectionate, and wholly consensual sex with someone of another species.

I do believe the Roseluck of my headcanon would approve of giving a Hippogriff a good time and she thanks you for the consideration. :twilightsmile:

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