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We Bare Bears: The Truth Or Never Again Chapter 8 Ranger Panda · 3:30am February 20th

After another fifteen minutes of walking along the trail, Panda and Ranger Tabes catch up to the group who’ve been waiting for them. Tabes took Ice Bear, Kale and Lucy to where they can set up their next activity for the group. As for Grizz and Panda, they took the Poppy Rangers to a small cliff with a bridge stable enough for the whole group, including the two bears to walk across.

“So, since you two are in charge, what are we going to do?” Wallace asked.

“We can find rocks for safe keeping?” Panda guessed.

“We did that last week with Ranger Tabes.” Nguyen added.

“Grizz?” Panda asked, turning to his brother.

“Come on Pan Pan, give these kids something they haven’t done yet?”

Panda knew the only way to keep the Poppy Rangers occupied is to do something active. This isn’t like being a teacher and teaching kids about educational things, these are rangers who are trained to survive and learn about the nature in the forest.

“Okay, ummm…” He stopped himself which took the rangers by surprise. “This may be odd but...do you girls like roleplay?”

The rangers themselves looked at each other from hearing Panda’s idea. “You mean...like acting like a character from a tv show?” Diaz asked which Panda nodded.

“Don’t you think that’s something we do during recess?” Parker added.

“Yes, but I never went camping with you, nor did Ice Bear.” Panda responded.

“Yeah, you girls never met my brothers during my time with them.” Grizz added.

For the longest time since day one, the rangers never met Grizz’s brothers at all. Even if they thought about what his brothers are like, they would have second thoughts upon meeting Grizz and his brothers.

Clifford and Chloe on the other hand, they're still not sure if Ranger Tabes would approve of this. “Can we try something that’s actually camping-related?” Clifford responded.

“Yeah like finding animals or something?” Chloe offered.

“We would do that but…” Panda responded. “...the animals are very skittish around people.”

“I guess you're right.” Murphy replied. “So if we’re gonna do roleplay, what characters should we be?”

Panda never thought he would get this far. With the amount of tv shows he watched during his spare time, he hopes the rangers can understand the references he remembers the most.

“Well uhh...do you rangers like anime?”

The Poppy Rangers all gave him a confused look of what he meant. “What’s anime?” Wallace asked.

“I doubt they ever watched anime like you do.” Grizz said, feeling unsure.

This caused Panda to place his hand on his forehead. “Why don’t you pick your idea of roleplay?” He turned to his brother.

“They’re getting sick of playing Crowbar Jones with me, you can think of something.”

“Okay, do any of you know that anime is from Japan?”

One of the rangers raised their hand which caught Panda’s attention. “I do, my friends have watched anime but I never knew that Japan is where anime came from.” Diaz confessed which caused Panda to be more disappointed.

“Man, the more I think about it, most of the population of America barely watches anime.” He responded. “Including my brothers.”

“Wait, your brothers never watched anime with you?” Chloe wondered.

“It’s not that it’s boring, I’m just not from where Pandas, like my bro, live in the wild.” Grizz defended himself.

“We should get off this bridge and try something else.” As Panda leads the group, the Poppy Rangers wonder what Grizz’s brother is feeling. They didn’t forget the question they’ve been asking Panda since they left the Ranger Station hours earlier.

By the time they stepped back onto solid ground, Murphy ran up to Panda. She poked on his side to get his attention. “Will you please tell us why you're here?” She asked. “It’s not gonna kill you to tell us why you came along.”

The black and white bear sighed after making the decision to stay for the trip. He wanted to make things right for everyone but not this way. “Okay, I’ll tell you all.”

Panda and Grizz are standing in front of the Poppy Rangers who are sitting on the grass, except Clifford due to his allergies to grass. “I was the one who came up with the idea to help Kale do something with his girlfriend Lucy by doing this field trip.”

“We kind of figured it out when Ranger Tabes called our parents.” Wallace responded.

“Yes I know but here’s the thing...Lucy is one of my friends who…I really really...like.” The rangers become confused, but Chloe and Clifford know what he’s talking about. “I know it’s hard to believe but…”

Grizz decides to fill in for his brother to not confuse the rangers too much. “Pan Pan is just into girls, but not the creepy kind.” He laughed which offended Panda. “He’s not just like Kale who’s a very different kind of person than him.”

“You mean...like humans and animals?” Nguyen added.

“No!” Panda blushed in embarrassment. “Better than me.”

This caused the rangers to catch on what he meant. “Hey, just because you're not the same ball of confidence like Kale, doesn’t mean you're terrible.” Parker smiled.

“But I’m still an utter mess. I can’t ever be flawless, but it’s never gonna make me be with a girl who’s better than me and likes me for me.” He then lifted his hands up while looking at them. “I never hung out with Lucy a lot unlike my brothers, during her deliveries. She knows a lot more about them than me, all because she never found out about my secret.”

He then walked past the rangers, including Clifford. “I know it’s not a lot I can talk about but it’s still the truth.” As he continued to go by himself, Grizz walked up to Panda just before he headed to the bridge.

“Pan Pan, you can’t just leave me like this.” He grabbed his brother’s arm. “This trip is supposed to make Kale and Lucy enjoy themselves. I know it’s hard for you to take it, but we can’t do anything about it.”

Panda signed, after the pressure continues to rise. “Tell me, the Poppy Rangers won’t understand where I'm coming from. How will these children make me feel any better?”

The Poppy Rangers looked at each other while Clifford and Chloe felt concern again, as if they hadn't seen enough pressure from Panda.

“Panda.” Chloe walked up to the bear. “I may have only met the Poppy Rangers today, but they’re kind, understanding people when you get to know them.”

“She’s right.” Parker walked up to Chloe. “If we first met you the same way we met Grizz, we wouldn’t be judgemental with you.”

“Yeah.” Murphy standing up. “Besides, I don’t see anything wrong with people not giving anime a chance.”

“Why can’t you tell us what anime is all about?” Wallace offered. “We didn’t watch it for sure but it seems fun to give it a shot.”

Upon hearing the interest of anime, this made Panda smile. Only Tom out of all people would be in the same hobbies as he is, but with children who only watched cartoons, it was the last thing he knew would happen.

“You really want me to tell you what anime is? Including manga?” Panda turning around.

“Yeah!” The Poppy Rangers cheered.

“Okay!” He rushed back to where he’s standing while his brother became relieved. However Clifford is the only child who doesn’t like how things are turning out at the moment. If his sister finds out about Panda’s truth, he, along with others, don't want to imagine what could happen afterwards.

After Panda told the Poppy Rangers everything he knows about anime and manga, he decides to take the group to another open field with a couple old trees in the middle of it. Usually Grizz would take in charge as the leader, but even he found Panda’s leadership very impressive.

“So you’re saying there’s an Anime Con next month?” Nguyen asked.

“Yeah, although it’s expensive to purchase tickets and backstage passes to meet the directors and producers.” Panda responded. “Anyway is there anything else you rangers want to do?”

“How about we actually do some roleplay of anime characters?” Parker offered. “You told us what your favorite anime shows are, we can catch on what the characters are like.”

While the leader of the group takes the advice from one of the rangers, Clifford spends the rest of the trip from the back. Nearly spending the whole day walking in the forest while avoiding any tall grass, he’s starting to get used to avoiding the things he’s allergic to.

He would sit down by the tree while watching kids but he’s afraid of what could happen to Panda, the only friend he ever had. “I can’t take it anymore! I have to tell Lucy everything!” He thought while walking up to Grizz.

“Clifford?” Grizz took notice.

“Can I use the bathroom?” Clifford asked.

“You can’t use the bathroom out here, when we get to Ranger Tabes, I’ll let her know that I’ll take you to the restrooms in San Francisco.” Just when Grizz was about to look at the map of the forest, it only made Clifford more desperate.

“But I really need to go badly, I didn’t even use the bathroom this morning.”

“How bad is it?”

“Like drinking three cups of lemonade back to back to back!”

Grizz remembered the time he drank so much lemonade that he ended up heading to the bathroom three times per day for a while. “Yeah, lemonade really travels when they enter our digestive system. Just go over there, no one will see you through the tall grass.”

As Grizz looked through his map, Clifford immediately headed behind the tall grass. He checked on the group to make sure no one was looking at him.

“Hey Panda.” Grizz called. “In about twenty minutes, we have to head back to where Ranger Tabes and the others are at.”

“Okay.” Panda responded. “They must be almost done setting up the next activity.”

“Hey look at the bright side, maybe this time you could join us by playing the activity.”

“I’ll give it a shot.”

With all the children preparing to roleplay, Clifford manages to get away from the group without getting caught in his bathroom situation. While it’s a long way to go to the next location, he knew Pandas secret can’t stay hidden forever.

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