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Epileptic-autistic eldest of four, artist, creative, and horse crazy girl who is obsessed with entertainment media and history among other things.

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  • 32 weeks
    A Note on CreativeVerse and Velvet’s Time at Disneigh

    So in the CreativeVerse universe, Dr. Whooves was at one time a Dapper Dandy (Ponified Disney Dapper Dans) which means he worked at Disneigh alongside Twilight Velvet and Nightlight so that’s fun. Twilight Velvet was Snow Veil (Ponified Snow White) in the parks and Nightlight worked the ticket booths.

    Yes I have art backing this up on my DA which is also Creativa-Artly01.

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  • 35 weeks
    BTC, TXT Pony, and Enhypone Reactions to Tiger Taehyung

    Jin-worried and concerned
    Jhope-worried and concerned
    Yoongi-quietly worried and concerned
    Jimin-mess of tears, absolute disaster
    Jk-worried and concerned

    Yeonjun-worried and concerned
    Taehyun-worried and concerned
    Beomgyu -worried and concerned
    Soobin-worried and concerned

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  • 46 weeks
    RIP Lisa Marie Presley

    RIP Lisa Marie. 😭😭😭

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  • 61 weeks
    RIP Loretta Lynn

    Also can’t believe I forgot to say it here, but Rest In Peace, Loretta Lynn

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  • 61 weeks
    A Note for After You Read “A Family Curse”

    “Snow Flower” in BTC universe is written after V is saved from death by Snow Flower. It is inspired by her, a one sided love song due to “transference”-a relationship (often one sided on the part of the rescuee) between a rescuer and their rescuee.

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So Gabe in Space? · 11:54pm Feb 19th, 2021


So, Gabe might be going to space. Let’s help him get there! Go over to his Twitter and retweet.

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