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It is a dark day in me life. For an old Hipnotist and Engineer has fallen. · 7:09pm February 19th

This is not a good post. It is a personal post. We were working on finishing a roof on the terrace. Dad insisted on getting up there and using diferent nails. He slipped on the ladder and fell five feet.

His leg swelled up to the size of a hormone treated turkey and has internal bleeding.

He also is afraid that he might have broken his neck.

He can move everything else but he is getting cold and is shivering heavily.

I am in the hospital hounding the nurses and doctors to get him through his tests.

He is on anticoagulant right now.

I am adding my story tag as an explanation for no updates. Will post this on other groups soon.

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I'm sorry to hear he is injured. I pray it's not at bad ad it could be

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