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Welcome to main page readers! my name is Floral Essence (aka NinjaMare), and here you will find mostly HiE fics, among other kinds of fics. hopefully you all enjoy what I have to offer.

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Who is What of the Mane 6? · 4:23pm February 19th

Comic Relief

these six labels often describes a member of a group, and I'm sure we all have a particular group from some sort of media (whether it be a TV Show/comic/anime/cartoon) that fit this criteria, like Power Rangers for example. but here's a question that i ask my own group of MLP fans, which of the mane 6 fit which label? i mean 2 should be obvious.
:twilightsmile: is the Leader
:pinkiehappy: is the Comic Relief.

As for my own personal thoughts:
-for Heart i say either :ajsmug: or :yay:. for me the heart acts like conscience of the group, trying to keep them from from crossing any lines, as well as try to be the emotional support and stabilizer of the group.

-for Muscle its :rainbowdetermined2:, cause, aside from being a physically adept mare, she's the act first and think second person. which i always saw the muscle of the group as, the action man that either starts fights or conflicts.

-for Brain i would say :raritywink:, aside from Twilight, Rarity is very clever, quick witted and a pretty level headed mare most of the time. sure she's not as book smart or academic smart as Twi, but Rarity knows a lot of stuff and is the most mature of the group.

-as for the Spirt.......I'm honestly not sure. practically anyone of the Mane 6 could be the Spirit that holds and binds the group. although i would mostly say Twilight, because she was the thing, the spark, that made the group what it was.

so what i should be really asking, which of the rest of the Mane 6 fit which remaining label?

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Comments ( 3 )

Applejack - Muscle

Fluttershy - Heart

Rarity - Brain

Rainbow Dash - Spirit

Leader Twilight

Heart Flutters

Muscle AJ

Brain Rarity, Would put Twilgher here as well but she's already leader

Comic Relief Pinkie

Spirit RD

Twilight leader
Fluttershy heart
Applejack muscle
Rarity brain
Pinkie Pie comic relief
Rainbow – spirit

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